A Scary Movie haunts Tom so much, that he tries to avoid Jerry, so the mouse takes advantage of the situation.


In a Movie Theater, Tom is preparing to watch a Movie called "The Mice that rose from the Grave II" and becomes thrilled when He sees Cindy-Lou watching the same movie. and when the movie starts, Tom becomes nervous, but gets scared from a surprise attack from a Zombie Mouse that attacks any unfortunate Cat. and Tom passed out during the final scene. a few minutes later, Cindy-Lou slaps Tom awake and tells Him the movie's over. Later, as Tom returned home, He then tries to make dinner, and sees Jerry eating some lettuce. but instead of Chasing Jerry like always, Tom's imagination plays tricks on Him and imagines Jerry as a Zombie Mouse and runs away for dear life, shutting Himself in the Closet, and goes to sleep leaving Jerry confused, until He sees the commercial for the Scary Movie Tom saw, making Jerry have an Evil Smile. as He sleeps, Tom begins to have a Nightmare relating to the movie as Jerry as the zombie attacking other cats, including Cindy-Lou. prompting Tom to abruptly wake up in sweat, breaking out of the closet and crashing into Jerry's mouse hole, knocking Him out. until Morning.

When Tom woke up, He sees inside Jerry's mouse hole and runs away in a panic to the kitchen, where He sees Jerry enjoying some cereal. Tom then slowly walks away and sprints out of the house and hides in Cindy-Lou's House. Cindy-Lou comes and asks why Tom came for a visit. Tom answers in whispers that He came for safety away from any zombie mice. making Cindy-Lou think that Movie affected Tom so much He became panicky when He sees a mouse, so the Girl Kitten Shows Tom the previous Zombie Mice Movie and tying up Tom until He sees the Movie's ending, making Tom relieved and calm again and making Him determined to see the Second Zombie Mice Movie Again. Jerry follows the kitten, and at the Movie, Tom becomes hesitant, but thanks to Jerry twisting Tom's Tail in pain, The Kitten's eyes were wide open to see something comedic, like the Zombie Mice with the words, "Made in Taiwan" on their backs. making Tom officially feel better, with Tom kissing Cindy-Lou, before Chasing Jerry all over the theater.

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