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Museum Manager
Museum Manger
The museum manager in human form.

Appeared In

The Watchcat


Caucasian/Tasmanian Devil



Portrayed by

Frank Welker

The Museum Manager is the manager of the Museum of Natural History who appears only in "The Watchcat". He appears as a human, but is later revealed to be a Tasmanian devil in disguise.

Physical Appearance

Museum Manager True Form

The museum manager's true form

In his human form, he is a Caucasian man with cream-colored skin and short light brown hair and a light brown mustache. In his Tasmanian devil form, he has auburn fur that matches the color of his uniform, thick dark brown eyebrows, yellow eyes with dark pupils, a dark brown nose, and razor-sharp fangs.


The museum manager's uniform is an auburn-colored two-piece cotton suit complete with an auburn peaked hat and black boots. He also wears a black necktie and a tan-colored slant and belt with a golden prong. His top also has golden loops at the wrists.

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