Not to be confused with the Season 2 episode, My Pet staring Spike and Tyke.


Tom gets the unexpected help of Clyde to go after Jerry after freeing His head from a flower pot.


Tom chases Jerry inside the house until Jerry escapes through a window. The chase continues to the backyard, where Tom is swinging a shovel at Jerry. They both end up around a very large cat with a flower pot on this head. Tom breaks the pot with the shovel trying to get Jerry and "rescues" Clyde the cat from his predicament. Clyde is very thankful the rescue and claims Tom as his best buddy forever. And as Clyde offers to help Tom, his nose is whacked by a rake, after stepping on it, hurting his nose. As Tom continues to chase Jerry, Clyde witnessing the chase, and his body twisting, he gets whacked by the rake again when he tries to assist Tom. Tom captures Jerry, but lets go after Clyde shook Tom's paw too hard. Clyde realizes his mistake and goes after Jerry himself.

Later, Tom chases Jerry around the shed, which Clyde is inside as he sneaks up but accidentally crashes into Tom, flattening him, and causing the shed to go to pieces. Tom chases Jerry in the house, with Clyde following them. In the dining room, the chase goes on, as both Tom and Jerry go under a tablecloth. Clyde, confused to who's under the cloth, flattens one of the two, which is Tom after Clyde removes the cloth. Jerry goes to his mouse hole, but Tom searches inside the hole with his arm checking, but Clyde helps by whapping Tom inside the mouse hole, causing Tom to pass out, as Jerry runs away.

Soon, Clyde drags a groggy Tom to a door which is a closet, which a lot of stuff fall on Tom's head. When Clyde opens a cabinet, which contains an ironing board, flattens Tom, and an iron falls on Tom's head. However, Tom sees Jerry running, and goes after him, with Clyde following. Outside, Jerry gets to another mouse hole safely, and when Tom tries to dig his way in the mouse hole, Clyde lifts up the house and as Jerry exits, and Tom goes in, Clyde drops the house on Tom and tries to grab Jerry, but comes up empty, and lifts up the house to see a flattened Tom, as he crawls out of the house's underside.

In the gardening part of the backyard, Tom continues to chase Jerry, with Clyde following, but Clyde trips on a flower pot, and his head gets stuck in the same pot, asking for Tom's help. Tom and Jerry look at Clyde's predicament, but both of them walk off happily as Clyde continues to scream for help.