The Chase School Students take a field day in the forest, but the Kitten Students didn't count on Wild Mouse being here, as the Mouse Students meet the Mouse Scout Troop.


At a Nature Park, a bus (with the windows blacked out) stops somewhere in the forest, and coming out of the bus is the Chase School Students as the Teacher via intercom, tells them to find their way out before Tomorrow night. Thatcher of the Kittens say that since moss grows on the north side of the trees They must go Right, heading east. but Lucas of the Mice say to go Left heading west. most of the mice and one kitten go with Lucas as the rest of the kittens and one mouse go with Thatcher. Wild Mouse sees the Kitten Group, and is laughing mischievously. as Night fell, Thatcher's group became cold as one mouse is warm inside Malcolm's coat but woke up when Wild Mouse made scary noises. meanwhile, Lucas' Group is resting on leaves as Gravis is almost buried in dirt to warm up and sleep for the night.

Morning came, and Thatcher's group eat berries from some bushes, however, some of the kittens started to get sick, some of them vomited offsceeen as some of them passed out, but Lucas' group eat the correct berries and go on and into a cavern full of bats, which They inadvertently wake up thanks to Wild Mouse startling one of the bats. The Mice and Gravis are chased out. and as both groups meet, They realize that They must work together to get out of the forest within Tonight's Deadline, which is harder than expected.

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