Tim and Tabby watch over a baby starling while trying to protect it from other cats, who want to eat it.


at Trista's Mansion, She and Tim are playing a game of "Old Maid", and after Trista asked for any greens, Tim gives Her 2 cards, both of them, green, and with only the Black card remaining, Tim walks off shedding tears, saying He can't do anything right, and sleeps on a porch. meanwhile, up a tree, a small bird egg falls off hamlessly on the porch's pillow and on to Tim's Tail, but wakes the kitten in the process. and after seeing the egg, Tim warms it up for a few moments, and the egg hatches and what comes out is a baby starling. and just as Tim cuddles the baby bird, and calls him, Zippy. and after He tells Trista about the baby starling, She was about to eat the bird, but Tim berates Her for scaring the baby bird, and makes Her promise not to tell any cats about Them raising a baby bird.

five days later, as Tim feeds Zippy with some worms, Trista makes a few hand puppets of smaller versions of Herself and Tim, as after breakfast is done, Tristaa tries unsuccessfully to convince Tim to let go of the starling, as Tim states that if word gets out that the both of them are watching over a baby bird, They'd either be the laughingstock of the Neighborhood's cats, or be at unwilling war with the birds of the world. Trista then knew Tim's right, and decides to be a better mother figure, by letting the bird play with a pinwheel, making Zippy laugh.

2 weeks later, as Zippy is reaching the phase of an 3-year-old, Tim starts to have nightmares about the bird becoming a problem child in the future, and after telling Trista about the situation, the both of them try to place Zippy back at the starling nest. at Night, the both of them climb up the tree, and places the sleeping bird on the nest, but 4 Bully cats spotted the baby bird and went after them, Tim and Tabby try to hold off the 3 bully cats, but the leader got the bird and just as He was about to eat Zippy, His parents come to the rescue and scare the bully cats away. Tim and Trista then wave goodbye to Zippy and His parents as the baby bird speaks His first words "Timmy... Trista... Thank U". and as the both of them walk back to the mansion, Tim sheds tears as He waves farewell to little Zippy.

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