Party Cats
Party Cats

Appeared In

The Vermin


Anthropomorphic Cats



The Party Cats are a pair of two cats who attended Tom's birthday party, and are shown leaving at the beginning of the episode "The Vermin". They only spoke a few lines, twice for the first of the two and once for the second of the two.

Physical Appearances

The first of the two party cats has dandelion yellow fur, a round head, a tan muzzle, a small pink nose, and his eyes are blue sclerae with black irises. The second of the two has charcoal gray fur, a contoured head, a glaucous muzzle, a large black nose, and his eyes are yellow sclerae with black irises.

Apparel and Accessories

Since they only appear in "The Vermin" as party visitors, the first party cat wears a light indigo cotton sleeveless jacket, and a mint green party hat with violet polka-dots and a red cotton ball at the tip. He carries a red and blue striped, cone-shaped party horn. The second of the two wears a light orange bowtie, a pink party hat with a frilly bottom and mint green stripes and two strips of mint green ribbons at the tip. His party horn is the same as the other party cat, except it has turquoise and blue stripes.


While little is known about them, they are shown fatigued after celebrating Tom's birthday party as they leave the house. The first of the two has a wacky voice while the second has a deep voice.


  • Party Cat #1: [blows twice out of his party horn] Wow, what a birthday party!
  • Party Cat #2: [blows once out of his party horn and walks off] Well, I'm off to bed.
  • Party Cat #1: See you next year, Tom. [he and Tom blow hard out of their own horns until he leaves and then Tom walks back inside his house]