Bernie makes a home inside a peach at a Peach Orchard, and fortifies Himself against Karl and Lucy who only came to have some rest and relaxation.


At a Peach Orchard, Bernie makes some last adjustments to His new peach home. but His joy is short-lived when He sees Karl and Lucy who just arrived at a bus stop. Karl and Lucy come to a park and enjoy the environment, as Lucy sees a peach tree and tells Karl not to have any because Peaches are toxic to Cats. As Karl and Lucy are resting under the peach tree, Bernie spots them and is thinking of How to get rid of the kittens. Then as Karl slept next to Lucy, Bernie drops a a 20 Lb Anvil at the Kittens but narrowly misses. as Karl and Lucy play football, Bernie covers His tree with barbed wire. but after setting up the wire, it was taken away by a movie Director, who thinks of a Wire Fox Terrier made out of Barbed wire, and walks off with it. instead, Bernie arms His tree with firecrackers as He declared that if Karl or Lucy so much as touch the tree's bark, He'd teach them a lesson.


(After seeing Karl and Lucy at the Bus Stop.)

Bernie: Huh? Small Cats? I guess They're called... (Checks His pocket computer.) Ah. Kittens. Caution, be gentle with them, as Their teeth isn't strong enough to chew hard foods. Heh. No way are They getting Their paws on My house.

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