Droopy plays the piano number "Rhapsody in Blue" while Dripple and Nurse Vavoom experiments on the Sleeping Tom & Jerry Kids gang and Their dreams.


At a university's stadium, Dripple and his father, Droopy, experiment on a select few of volunteers for experimentation of a dream machine. Dripple experiments as Droopy plays the piano to soothe the subjects. The song is Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

As the music starts, Dripple goes to the white section, where he first checks the dreams of Spike, who is skating on a giant steak slab and eats all the meat-based foods he could reach in the air. Dripple then checks the Mouse Scouts, who dream of earning all the Mouse Scouts badges. Next, he checked Calaboose Cal's dream, which involves making money out of a printer, which might might make Cal deserve some jail time. Then, while checking Bernie Bird's dreams, Dripple sees Bernie dreaming of swimming in a pond of bird seed.

In the pink section, Dripple lets Nurse Vavoom check on the patients' dreams. First, she checks Cindy-Lou's dreams, and notes on Cindy-Lou sunbathing in a tundra. She then checks the Mermouse's Dream, involving growing legs and shedding away her mermouse Tail. Then, Vavoom checks Lucy's dream, who is playing a harp to stop all wars of the world, and subsequently earning a Peace Prize. Vavoom goes to White Tabby's dream and sees the Tabby as a doctor. Lastly, she checks Mary-Lou's dream, who is tango-dancing with Tyke.

McWolf why you sad

McWolf has just realized what he has done.

In the green section, Dripple takes over and checks the dream of Tyke, who wants his kindness to co-exist in harmony with cats. Next, he checks Wild Mouse's dream, in which Wild Mouse wants to have a family with four children. Dripple the. goes to Tim, dreaming that he's no longer afraid of mice and chases them. In McWolf's dream, Dripple sees inside that McWolf is ruling the gold-covered universe. Just as Dripple gets to Tom and Jerry's dreams, McWolf's dream gets so corrupt that the dream machine overloads and explodes, waking up the subjects. McWolf, realizing what he has done, tried to sneak away. However, when the subjects go after him, he ran for dear life. With only Tom and Jerry remaining, Dripple then asks them what they were dreaming of. Tom draws a crudely drawn picture of himself grabbing Jerry, and Jerry draws a slightly better drawing of a giant Jerry stomping on Tom. Dripple gets surprised, and Droopy concludes the number with a high note.

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