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 Picture Day
Fan Mini Season 1, Episode 1
Written by T And J Kids
Episode guide

The mini-episode begins with an aerial view of Tom & Jerry Kids Island. We then zoom down to the downtown area, and then to the photography studio. The whole Tom & Jerry Kids crew are standing in their best behavior, getting ready for the biggest moment.

Photographer: Okay, this is gonna be good. (readies camera) Ready? One, (recording camera focuses on T&JK crew) two, thre-, (puts camera down) Oh my. We're missing someone.

Tim: (bundled up in a rope) Sorry, coming through!

Tyke: What happened to you?

Tim: A couple of mice tied me up in a rope after I ran after them. It was so scary I thought they were almost gonna kill me.

Trista: Here, let me help you get this over with. (pulls the rope and Tim spins like a top)

Tim: (dizzy) Thanks. I really appreciate that. (falls down onto the ground)

Photographer: Okay! Everyone's here so… One, (recording camera focuses on T&JK crew) two, three… (puts camera down) We're missing someone.

Droopy: And I just know who it is.

Photographer: Search everywhere! Find that missing person (to the police) Search the whole island for that person. Please! I beg you! (to camera) Help MEEEE!!! (static appears)

Tim: Aw man.

Meanwhile in the city park, McWolf is playing happily on a swing. A sign says that no people above the age of 18 are allowed to play.

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