As he plays pirate with Tyke, Spike forces Tom and Jerry to be in on the fun.


In Spike's Yard, Tyke is playing pirate on a swing, and hopes to have more in His crew, so Spike forces Tom to play pirate with Tyke, and tells the Kitten that if Tyke is harmed in any way, Spike will tear off Tom's tail off. Tyke tells His father not to be too violent and be more lenient. Jerry listens, but is seen by Spike, who warns the mouse not to cause trouble to His son or Tom for that matter. (More Coming soon!)


  • Spike: And remember this, Cat. as long as Tyke isn't harmed in any way, I won't tear off Your tail.

Tyke: Dad! be considerate. (Jerry listens in.) even if I get a scrape on Me, Harming Tom won't make it go away.

Spike: Perhaps. Anyway... (Spike's paw grabs Jerry.) the same goes for You, mousey. If You cause any trouble to My son...

Tyke: Dad...!

Spike: (Sigh.) I'll have to punish You... In which way, son?

Tyke: Without Violence.

Spike: Without Violence.

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