A hunter named Sir Buster Bringemhomehelpless Buzzkirk, B.A, M.A. Ph. D, L.L.D, R.S.V.P, C.O.D., goes to the jungle island of Ogabu to capture the Elusive Wild Mouse.


In a Movie Reel, a man tells of His previous visit to Ogabu Island, and His previous encounter with Wild Mouse, and as the Reel is broken, Sir Buster Buzzkirk tells His fellow hunters that He will capture Wild Mouse. on His return to Ogabu Island, Sir Buster tells His butler, Mumfrey to locate Wild Mouse, which He does, before being injured heavily by the Crazed Mouse. Later, as Sir Buster and His butler are in a helicopter. Sir Buster sees Wild Mouse and tries to suck Him up in a vacuum trap, which took away the Mouse's club, but counters the trap by having a Tiger inside the vacuum trap, with Sir Buster and Mufrey mauled, and Their helicopter crashing into the ground.

Some time later, Sir Buster unveils a Bomb which expels Laughing Gas, used to keep Wild Mouse laughing Himself in a laughing fit. Mumfrey fires the bomb, which blows away Sir Buster's clothes, (except His helmet, undershirt, shorts, socks, and shoes) but hits Wild Mouse's Head. as the laughing gas comes out, Wild Mouse blows the fog away, affecting only the jungle animals along with Sir Buster and Mumfrey. and Wild Mouse laughs along.

Sir Buster and Mumfrey unveil the next trap for Wild Mouse which is the Super-Glue Carpet. but Wild Mouse listened in on the conversation, which He roars at the hunters, startling them into going into the adhesive carpet trap, and Wild Mouse rolls up the Carpet, along with Sir Buster and Mumfrey into a cliff.

Sir Buster not giving up, unveils His secret weapon in the form of a girl mouse named Misty, as He gives Misty Her instructions. later, as Wild Mouse is swinging on a Vine, He goes head over heels after He sees Misty in a Pink boat in a Tunnel of Love ride. Wild Mouse is lured by Misty's charm. and goes into the boat with Misty. of course, when the boat leaves the tunnel, Wild Mouse is trapped in a Metal Canister, and is put in a Liner set for Civilization.

Back in Civilization, Sir Buster shows the audience at a City Building Wild Mouse in chains. however, Wild Mouse breaks free of the chains, causing the audience to run for Their lives, as He carries Sir Buster to the Top of a very tall Skyscraper, which Sir Buster says to the Mouse that He can't stand heights. however, a small yellow helicopter comes near and inside it, is Wild Mouse's Mother who orders Him to let Sir Buster go and come home, Her son doesn't comply at first, but gives in, letting Sir Buster hang on to the Building's Point. and as the helicopter goes away, Wild Mouse's Mother tells Him that He'll be awaiting punishment when His Dad gets home, which shocks Sir Buster that there's a Family of Wild Mouses, as We Iris out.


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  • This is the first and only Wild Mouse segment outside "Tom and Jerry Kids" and in Droopy: Master Detective.


  • When Misty pulls in Wild Mouse, His eyes are white instead of yellow.