Spike forces Kyle the Cat to be the chased by Tyke. of course, Kyle has other plans to mess with the pup...


Spike teaches His Son, Tyke that Dogs chase Cats. Tyke asks Why do they do Chase, Spike answers that He doesn't know, but adds that He and His Fellow Dogs have been doing it for Centuries, and it became a Sport. so, Spike thinks His Son is ready to Chase a Cat. in an Alley, Spike tries to get a Cat to be chased by Tyke, but since the Cats wasn't willing, a Ketchup bottle that says "Cats-Up" falls on the ground, so Spike picks it up and what came out was Kyle, whom is dragged by Spike telling Kyle to be Chased by Tyke.

After Spike brings Kyle to Tyke, He Shakes hands with Kyle, but Spike tells Him to bark and Chase Kyle, which didn't intimidate Him, Spike, however Rolls up Kyle into a Ball and flings Him into a Tree, Tyke Takes over the Chasing for His Dad. as Kyle was hiding, Tyke Bites the Cat's Tail, causing Kyle to slap Tyke off. Tyke calls for His Dad, making Him Throw Kyle into a Barbeque. the Chase Continues, but Kyle realized that He's being chased by a Small Dog. so He gets a Tennis Racquet to chase Tyke. after Tyke got to His Father, Kyle impulsively and accidentally Whacks Spike's Head with the Racquet, which Broke. When Spike Growled, Kyle Ran for His Life.

As Spike Sleeps in a Lawn Chair, Kyle Sneakily places Earmuffs in Spike's Ears, then Mercilessly Chases Tyke, but the Lesser Bulldog uses a Lawnmower to turn the Tables on Kyle, Shaving His Lower Body, but also Shaving Spike's Upper Body and Scalp. Kyle attempts to Escape Punishment by hiding in a Knight's Armor inside Spike's House, but Spike Turns the Armor into a Safe, making Kyle into a Cube. Tyke Continues to Chase Kyle but encounters a Kitten Tyke's Size, named Karl, (Kyle's Son) who offers to Play with Tyke, Who accepted.

Spike Comes and was asking (and Threatening Kyle) Where Tyke was, and Kyle Replied that He's Playing with Karl, on a Teeter-Totter. Both Kyle and Spike proclaimed that they can learn a lot from Their Sons, by being more Neighborly. after learning a Life Lesson from His son, Spike to be more friendly to others. however, Kyle is told to get out of Spike's Yard by Chasing Him away. Tyke added that It's hard for Old Dogs to Learn New Tricks, but He still Loves His Dad.



  • First Appearance of Spike and Tyke
  • First Appearance of Kyle the Cat
  • First and Only Appearance of Karl the Kitten, Kyle's Son
  • First Spike & Tyke cartoon written by Patrick A. Ventura
  • This is the first time that this episode unaired on Boomerang in the year 2012, so they switched it to Boomer Beaver.Addin