The Chase School students (Cat and Mouse) are taught a lesson on Romance.


At Chase School, The Chase Students are seated by gender lines.The Male students are on the left side, as the females are on the right. (The Kitten males complain about the small seats, as the Mouse girls enjoy the spacious seats) from another room, a hippie's voice announces the appearance of Tom with Cindy-Lou, (the Cats Cheer) and Jerry with Undine the Mermouse (the Mice Cheer) the Hippie Voice tells the Girl Students to each grab an ankle shackle, and attach it to a male student of Her choice. which is Lyra with Thatcher, Haley with Lucas, Lacey with Bentley, Mariah with Wilton, Natalie with Malcolm, and Padraic with Taylor as Class started.

Chase School Kitten Romance Class

Kitten Chase Students Couples

When they were told that the Students are told to play games, the students were willing as They played a game of Yuck Cyclone (Parody of Twister except that their Paws and feet must be on Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, and expired relish) the longer they stay the more points they earn.. in the end, they had fun even When the students neared 10. at a pool, the Students still attached to each to Their opposite gender are told to try 3-armed synchronized swimming, and each couple who scored, depends on 3 kitten judges, Tim, Karl, and Lucy. and three mouse judges, the Mouse Scouts. and when that was over, the students cuffs were removed, as They went to the next game, which was Human Hot Dog, where the male is the hot dog into a giant hot dog bun, as the female pours condiments within a minute. in the final game, Rescue and Reverse Relay, the males are told to save their opposite gender from a 5-foot deep pool and then the 2 switch roles, as points depend on the fastest time, with the final scores, ThatcherxLyra 254 points. HaleyxLucas 242, LaceyxBentley 216, MariahxWilton 218, NataliexMalcolm 247, and PadraicxTaylor 253.

back at the lecture hall, before the day was over, The students are told to wear tuxedos and dress because They are told to dance like They're in a prom, which They did, as Tom danced with Cindy-Lou, and Jerry in scuba gear danced with Undine.

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