Roughing It
Season 3, Episode 26, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Jim Ryan


The Mouse Scouts Rough it in the forest with a Very Impatient Scout Leader.


A Porcupine uses one of His Bristles as a Toothpick, but runs off when He hears The Mouse Scouts; Moxie,,ootsow, and Meep, led through the forest by their Scout Leader who got offended by the Scouts saying their Leader's head isn't screwed on Tight, making the Leader say "Halt, You Ninnies". Meep reacts and says He's ain't no Ninny, then crashes into a Tree and a Bird's Nest falls on His head, with the Scoutmaster saying that Meep's Right, He's a Birdbrain. Meep and the others sing and dance to the word, then stops when the Leader says "'tention!". asks the Scout Troop what the Mouse Scout Oath is. They Say "Be Brave", "Be Honest", and "Be sure to wear Clean Underwear". the Leader then walks off seeing the Scouts Humiliated after they bump into each other, but Jumps upward in a Panic and hanging to a Tree Branch after seeing a Gopher. Mootsow remarks that Their Leader's a Great Tree Climber.

At a Creek, the Leader tells His Scouts to pay attention to how a cross a creek without getting Wet, and He chops down a Tree, making to land on the Leader, and Moxie reacts with using a Lasso to rope a Rock, pulling in the other side, surprising the Leader as He checks the Manual that there's nothing against pulling in the other side of the Creek, and as He tries to follow them, the other side drifts away, resulting in the Leader falling in the Creek.

As Night fell, in a Desolate area in the Forest, the Leader unknowingly Steps on an Ant Hill while setting up a Tent, infuriating the Ants. the Scouts try to warn their Leader that it's a Bad idea. sadly, the Leader doesn't listen, and goes to sleep, and the ants throw a Sleeping Bag with the Leader inside in the Mud, with Mootsow remarking that Their Leader is a Great Diver. The Leader comes out of the Mud and pulls His Bag to the Tent and tries to Sleep again, but the Ants roll up the Bag with the Leader inside and push Him in the Mud again, with Mootsow remarking that their Leader is a Great Mud Wrestler as well. the Leader tries to sleep again, but sees the Same Gopher, Startled, the Leader jumps up with the Tent, with Moxie remarking on Their Leader being a great Hang Glider.

the Next Morning, the Leader marches onward, with the Scouts Blindfolded with the leader telling the Troop to remove Their Blindfolds, as their Assignment is to find Camp, as The Leader goes back via a Motor Bike. unknown to Him, however, Moxie ties a String of Yarn, to make the trip back more easier as the Leader goes to Sleep in His Tent. and as the Scouts return to camp, Moxie uses a Megaphone to make it sound like the Leader's Conscience, urging Him to save the Scouts. the Leader wakes up and in a Panic searches the forest with His Motor Bike, but crashes into a Black Bear, who chases the Leader who reaches a Hole in the Hill, the Black Bear gives up and leaves. the Scouts tell the Leader that it's safe, but the Leader doesn't trust Their Judgement and smells a Rat, only to be kicked out by a Skunk, who was offended. Later, The Scouts march back home with Their Leader in the Back because of the Skunk's Stench while He uses an electric Fan to blow away the Grungy Smell. then we fade to black at the end of Season 3 Finale.


This episode marks the third and final appearance of the Mouse Scouts.