(The scene opens up in an abandoned desert with a bull's skeleton. The camera than pans to a large prison ahead.)

Narrator: Sagebrush Penitentiary. No one has ever escaped from this vastly mother badland. Until tonight that is.

(A hand pulls up the sky as it turns into night time. McWolf is heard laughing in the distance. Scanning lights turn on while McWolf runs and jumps over the high prison wall. The scene then cuts to Droopy reading the newspaper.)

Droopy: Outlaw expected to rob loot and litter.

(Guitar music plays)

Droopy: (to Dripple) That really raises my apples. Or at least it would have if I haven't had my apples surgically removed.

Dripple: Do you think that nasty wolf will try to rob the gold on this train, papa?

Droopy: If he doesn't, it's going to be a very short cartoon.

(fades to McWolf and his horse seeing the train)

McWolf: YEAH! (eyes shoot out of binoculars)

Horse: Huh? Ooh,

McWolf: Won't you pay attention?

Horse: I was thinking of Bermudaaaa!

McWolf: There's gold in them that trains! (looks at audience and laughs maliciously)

Horse: Where, where, where, huh? I don't see no gold pearls.

McWolf: (pushes horse's nose) Under! Down there! You couldn't brain horse the loot. (slides down from the horse then bounces up and down before landing on a cactus, which peeled like a banana peel. He then groans.) First thing when I get that gold, I'm gonna trade in that stupid horse, and buy me, a dune buggy!

(Screen fades to Droopy and Dripple on the train)

Dripple: So far, so good, Pop.

(McWolf rides near the train, then sticks out his tongue.)

Dripple: I've hated that. (shuts window, causing McWolf's tongue to be stuck on the window.)

McWolf: (muffled) Could you please pull up the window?

Horse: Now what does he waaaannnt?

McWolf: (muffled) Oh please open up the window!

Horse: (makes mocking noises) Can you yank it out clearly?


(Seconds later the tongue is free of the window but he is lunged into a cactus. The tongue is stuck on the cactus, and he is struggling to take out all its thorns.)

McWolf: (muffled) Don't you just hate it when that happens?

(Scene cuts to train)

Droopy: Still no sign of the rotten honorarisloid, Butch McWolf.

(McWolf is seen riding near the train)

Horse: Go give him a huuggg.

(McWolf climbs onto the train)

McWolf: The gold! The gold is mine! All mine!

(McWolf jumps up happily, only to be hit by the tunnel entrance.)

McWolf: That, didn't even, fate me. (A few  blocks of rock falls upon his head.) That, however, did fate me.

Horse: Oh, do you want me to rub your footsies?

(McWolf gets angry and hits his nose. The screen fades to a riding jeep.)

Droopy: If my master detective instincts are correct, this list should tell us where that nasty wolf will strike next. Rob a bank, rustle cattle, steal candy from a baby-

(A bird squawks as the camera pans to a small Western town. A saloon called 'Root Beer Saloon' is shown, while McWolf is drinking beer inside the saloon.)

McWolf: Hey baby, can I buy you some sassparilla? Say, what's a good-looking babe like you doing in this town eating a candy bar?

(The girl shows her teeth, making McWolf surprised.)

McWolf: Well gimme that! It ain't good for ya anyways.

(McWolf goes out of the saloon and eats the candy bar happily.)

McWolf: My next favorite thing after swiping candy from a baby (gulps) is rustling cattle! (laughs maliciously) All I gotta do is snap this here twig, (snaps twig) and I'll hurdle stampede right outta here! Then I'll go 'round the mug, and they'll all be mine! Hehe. Simple! Clean! To the point! And mean!

Dripple: Well, we'll see about that. (snaps twig)

(The bulls stampede out of the town, running over McWolf in the process.)

McWolf: It could've been worse, could've been hit by a train. (train runs over McWolf)

(The screen fades to Droopy talking to the police officer)

Droopy: Are the deputies in place, sheriff?

Sheriff Officer: Yes, the deputies are ready, little partner. (pans around the buildings with people holding guns on them)

McWolf: (riding on his horse) I live to rob banks! (laughs maliciously)

Horse: And I live to love!

McWolf: Do you mind? (slaps horse with his hat) Now slow down!

(The horse throws McWolf onto the ground.)

McWolf: That dab nab stupid horse! I'm taking a bus next time! Sheesh!

(McWolf walks into the bank, only to be surrounded by guns.)

McWolf: This, is a stickup?

(Guns then fire at McWolf, leaving him in rags.)

McWolf: Hey, it could've been worse, I could've been hit by that stupid train again. (train crushes McWolf)

Droopy: You see, son, it doesn't pay to live on the fast track.

(Screen fades to McWolf being in a small jail)

McWolf: He he. They'll never keep me in this crummy little scowl. Or my name ain't Butch McWolf! Or Crack-A-Jewel McWolf! Or Slam Dunk Shirley! Or Imitating Coco McWolf! Or Bad Boot McWolf! Or Mother Boot-Nose McWolf! Or Mother Joles- Ah I've got lots of aliases. (whistles)

Horse: I knew you'd miss me.

McWolf: Ooh, (imitating horse) I knew you'd miss me. Now pay attention! I got a plan. I just tie this rope so…

Horse: Like so…

McWolf: Then all you gotta do is yank out the bars and-

Horse: I got itttt!

McWolf: Next time, I'm gonna get a camel. (laughs maliciously)

(The horse walks, trying to yank the bars. It is successful, but McWolf gets crushed by the roof. Droopy and Dripple walk over.)

Droopy: Well, bub, have you anything to say for yourself?

McWolf: Yes! Back to prison, where it's saaaafe! (screen fades to prison) Open up, I tell you! Let me in, please! I'll be bad, I promise I'll be bad! Ah! There's no place like home. Do they still serve broccoli on Saturdays? Hey, did you guys sweep out my cell? And, oh my curtains, you know with the flowers? (camera pans to Droopy and Dripple) You still got those? I love those. And have you been dusting lately?

Dripple: That wolf has a decable taste! And he seems so happy!

(cuts to cell with horse in it)

McWolf: I'd really would like to get some wood with tag floors, that would be nice, would you get the permanent seal or we wouldn't have to wax. 

(doors open and McWolf gets kicked into the cell)

Horse: Simply hi bosssss!

McWolf: Oh hi Irwin. IRWIN?! Oh no. No! I want my lawyer! Get me out of here! I wanna talk with the pearl more. This is unusual and cruel punishment! GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Irwin: Ooh hoo hoo hoo hoooo. Color me creative, but would you mind if we do the room in pastel colorssssss?

(cuts to Droopy and Dripple)

McWolf: WHAT?! Oh nohohohohooo. (cries)

Droopy: (to Dripple) They'll do the crime if you can't do the time.

(Droopy and Dripple laugh as we iris out on them)

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