McWolf, the conductor, is trying to get a calvacade of characters to play the William Tell Overture with makeshift musical instruments.


The episode begins when many people enter the theater that reads "TOM & JERRY KIDS SCRAPHEAP SYMPHONY", sponsored by the National Trash Corporation. Before starting this musical event, the characters are introduced except for McWolf. He then appears after a small mishap with Miss Vavoom's trash-made harp.

As the show is about to start, Dripple rips a few pages to make it sound like McWolf is ripping his pants. McWolf yells at Dripple, which angers Droopy, and causes him to untie a heavy bag. As the bag falls, Wild Mouse eats one of the music stands, and McWolf shoos it away. Droopy then comes up to the stage front, lifts up McWolf and puts him slightly to the left. This causes the bag to fall on him, and lose his head. Before the music starts, Kyle bangs his bass drum across the stage, interrupting the start of the music.

The music starts and Tom plays the flute while Jerry licks a lemon, disrupting the cat's performance. This causes McWolf to finish the flute part, but Wild Mouse comes along to eat the flute. Everyone laughs at this, but McWolf is not happy about this.

More interruptions occur, including Droopy playing the trombone through McWolf's ears, and ends up in a large drum that Tom and Jerry were banging with. He then has an apple shot from his head with a bow and arrow from Spike, since it's the story of William Tell. He then puts a watermelon on Spike's head, but he flung it towards McWolf, causing him to fall off the stage.

Dripple interrupts again with some sneezing, which McWolf puts an end to by putting a box over the puppy. McWolf's cell phone rings and answers to a sneezing Dripple. Miss Vavoom plays a mattress harp which causes the notes to run off.

McWolf asks for some dignity in the performance, but it degrades into a Hee-Haw Country jam session. McWolf plays Vavoom's violin for her, and tries to kiss her, but she is not happy about it. Wild Mouse destroys another instrument, leaving McWolf to get exploded after Vavoom's head turned into a dynamite. McWolf tries to keep the performance together. Eventually, all the characters try to get on the conducting act but that ends with the orchestra involved in a car and motorcycle chase of destruction that brings the house down.


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