Sergeant Boffo
Sergeant Boffo 001
Sergeant Boffo appearing on the television to persuade Tom to join his school for training.

Appeared In

I Dream of Cheezy


Anthropomorphic Manx Cat



Fur Color


Eye Color

White with Black Irises

Sergeant Boffo is a martial arts trainer and head of Sgt. Boffo's Ferocious Feline Mouse-Bashing School, and a former plumber. He has three cadets, who are blackbelt class cats, in which Tom joins in as a whitebelt newcomer. He uses a radio-controlled metal robot disguised as a mouse to represent mice that cats need to attack.

Physical Appearance

Sergeant Boffo is a tall, anthropomorphic Manx cat, weighing physically 250 pounds. His primary fur is brown. His secondary fur for his hands, feet, and muzzle are tan. As the type of cat he is depicted as, he has no tail in contrast to all other cats in the cartoon. He also has fangs, which hang from his mouth, especially with his lips closed.


Sergeant Boffo's apparel consists of a green military hat with a vertical and horizontal line that cross each other in the front and back, a green short-sleeved jacket detailed with a single pocket, a gold medal that hangs from red fabric, a set of four squares in colors of blue/yellow/red/yellow, a black tie, yellow three-sectioned chevrons on the sleeves, black belt with a golden prong, and the bottom end is contoured.


Sergeant Boffo is generally depicted as quick-tempered and rarely smiles. He gives out lessons to his cadets on how to defeat mice, and other lessons and is shown to push the cadets to their limits. Whenever Tom jumps in to attack the robot mouse yet ends up getting injured, this angers Sergeant Boffo completely and he pushes Tom to clean up his act and improve. His motto is "Disguise, Surprise, Demise!". When he mentioned that he used to be a plumber, his facial expression implies his plumbing experiences as miserable.


  • His physical appearance is somewhat similar to Calaboose Cal: they weigh approximately the same, the shape of their heads are quite similar, and they have fangs. The major difference is fur color and lack of tail.
  • His likeness may be somewhat derived from the Looney Tunes character Taz: both have brown fur, fangs, and similar facial expressions.