Sergeant Boffo's Cadets
Sergeant Boffo's Students
Sergeant Boffo's cadets saying the Boffo Motto.

Appeared In

I Dream of Cheezy


Anthropomorphic Cats



Fur Colors

Dark Brown (Large Cat)
Tan (Middle-Size Cat)
Orange (Slim Cat)

Eye Colors

Yellow with Black Irises (Large Cat Only)
White with Black Irises (Middle-Size and Slim Ones)

Sergeant Boffo's Cadets are a trio of unnamed blackbelt class cats who only appeared in "I Dream of Cheezy". They were the only cadets until Tom joined in as a whitebelt newcomer. Sergeant Boffo refers to them as "troops".


Physical Appearances

These three cats range from different weight classes. They all have buck teeth that meet together in the center. The slim one has orange fur, his head closely resembles a squirrel's head, his tail is very slim, lacks macrovibrissae whsikers, and he has no secondary color. The middle-sized cat looks slim but weighs slightly more than the orange one, has tan fur with a white muzzle, white hands, his tail is also very slim, and his feet are tan. The large cat is obese and weighs more than Sergeant Boffo, his primary fur is dark brown, and his secondary fur (muzzle, hands, feet, belly, and tail point) is tan.


These three cats all wear white keikogis with black belts. Their hachimakis have their own corresponding colors: the slim cat's is yellow, the middle-sized cat's is red, and the large cat's is azure. The middle-sized cat's keikogi top has only single lines at the collar while the other two have parallel lines at the collar of their tops. The large cat's keikogi is worn where the top and pants don't meet, revealing his obesity.


These three cats are depicted with grimacing faces, revealing their tough attitude. As their black belts belie, whenever they attack robot mice, they don't succeed in destroying them completely, leaving them for another student to finish off, although Tom jumps in to attempt to finish them off, but get injured. Only the large and slim cats (as well as Tom who joined in) were shown to perform attacks and jump over the hurdle, although the middle-sized cat was typically seen as a background character and the only time his voice was ever used was along with the other two to say the Boffo Motto.

References to other characters

These three cats' likenesses are somewhat based off of some other characters, particularly in the shape of their heads and their weights. The slim cat is based after Lightning Bolt (although Lightning Bolt is a squirrel), the middle-sized cat is based after Kyle, and the large cat is based after Clyde.


Large Karate Cat Pantless

The large cat without pants. An obvious mistake done by the animators.

  • The large cat's hands and feet are both tan. When he first appears on the television screen warming up with the other two cats, his hands are dark brown like his fur. In the hurdle scene before he jumps over the hurdle, his hands and feet are both dark brown.
  • After Tom first joins the group after donning a uniform, the large cat was shown pantless. In the first shot of him being pantless, the lower half of his body depicted his primary fur white like his pants, then had the fur color corrected in the close-up shot while Sergeant Boffo powers up the radio-controlled robot mouse, and then when he dashes to the mouse to attack it, his pants are back on and for the rest of his appearances.
  • When the slim cat swings the robot mouse back and forth by pummeling it on the floor, the middle-sized cat's feet are white.
  • When Tom accidentally hits his head on the robot mouse in an attempt to bow, the middle-sized cat's hands are tan like his fur.