Little Tom and Cindy-Lou (along with a sleeping Jerry) are treated as Rulers of an Island after being thrown out of an airship. of course, a shaman puppy is trying to dethrone them.


Inside an Airship at night, just as Cindy-Lou and Tom are about to get thrown out by an ungratuitous steward, Cindy-Lou calls out the steward's cruelty that even though the Mouse (Jerry) was caught, the inside was an awful mess. but before the steward threw them outside, Tom puts up a fight, and manages to get two parachutes, The steward steals back one of them, but just as he orders Tom to return the other, Cindy-Lou trips up the steward, grabs back the parachute, and They both jump out, as They land on an Island which looks empty. Cindy-Lou becomes worried as there's no one here. as Tom tries to open a coconut, Cindy-Lou stops Him and says that Coconut milk can cause death to a cat if ingested. Tom realizing that tosses the coconut into the ocean. Tom then gives a sleeping Jerry to Cindy-Lou, but suggests saving Him at a later time as They will search for food, first thing in the morning. as The two kittens are asleep, three sets of eyes are looking at them.

(More Story coming soon!)

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