(The scene begins in a hilly countryside, which might be Germany, Switzerland, or elsewhere. Sheep can be heard bleating in the distance. The camera than pans to the sheep feeding area. Droopy and Dripple are spinning around themselves.)

Dripple: These hills are very lively, huh Pop!

Droopy: Yes son. Especially with the sound of sheep and stuff.

Vavoom: Please! Oh please! You gotta help me! Pleeeeeeaaaaaassse!

Droopy & Dripple: Yes! Yes!

Vavoom: You gotta nab the creep that's been stealing my sheep! (cries)

Droopy: You're not weak, toots. You got the right man, the poodles, for the job. (writes on a piece of paper and gives it to Vavoom)

Vavoom: (reads paper) Droopy, Master Detective. Sheep guarding our speciality. (looks up) Thank goodness! (cries again) So how much will it cost to protect my precious sheep? (cries again)

Droopy: Two hundred dollars. (opens up an umbrella)

Vavoom: (stops crying) I'll do it, will the cheque be okay?

Droopy: No. We'll pay you two hundred dollars.

Dripple: And worth every penny.

(cuts to a panorama of sheep. A funny-looking sheep runs to a nearby tree and hides there.)

McWolf: Hehehe. It's really me. Those mutts won't keep this button from his mutton. (laughs maliciously and shows carnivorous teeth)

(The screen fades to Droopy and Dripple watching over the sheep. A sling grabs the sheep grazing with Droopy and Dripple.)

Droopy: Okay little shamers. Here's your first test in being a master detective. What's wrong with this picture?

Dripple: The sheep are grazing on blue grass, but we're not in Kentucky?

Droopy: That may be, but it's not exactly what I had in mind.

Dripple: Wait. I'm having a brainstorm. Does it have something to do with this sling snatching the sheep?

Droopy: Bingo.

Dripple: Well, in that case…going down.

(Dripple pulls something down with his stick, which was actually a helicopter that McWolf was controlling. All the captured sheep climb out of it. We see McWolf in rags, and he droops down his long nose Mortimer-style.)

Droopy: And let that be a lesson to you, bub.

(A bird cheeps above the sheep grazing area. A truck driving backwards appears.)

McWolf: (as a female sheep in disguise) Baa! Baa! Come in walking boys! Baa! Baa!

(The sheep gets petrified by the female sheep in disguise and gets into the truck. McWolf runs to the truck door.)

McWolf: Sheep is such nimcompoops!

(McWolf shuts the truck door, removes the sheep disguise, and gets into the front part of the truck. Droopy removes the nail which connects the front part and the storage place, and McWolf drives away without the sheep.)

Droopy: There's only one thing dumber than a sheep. And that's McWolf.

(the truck door opens)

Dripple: So long stinky.

Droopy: Baa, baa, baa. And furthermore, baa, baa, baa.

(The sheep come out of the truck.)

Dripple: Gosh papa, I didn't know you talk sheep language. What'd you say to them?

Droopy: I gave them my card, and told them that if that nasty wolf shows up again, then give me a call.

Dripple: What if the sheep go on an ocean voyage?

Droopy: Then they can call me 'sheep' to shore.

(The sheep gags. The screen fades to the hilly countryside, while two men play the background music. Sheep are seen disappearing from their grazing area, which turns out to be McWolf stealing it, as usual.)

McWolf: Come seven, come eleven, I'm going to lamb chop heaven! (throws sheep load into car, then starts driving) Hot diggity doo. I'm gonna be swimming in lamb stew! (drives to his hideout) Hehehe. I get a sheep thrill out of this. (unveils bag, turning out to be Droopy and Dripple)

Droopy: Hello, bub.

(McWolf pops out his eyes and drops his jaw, the he becomes a real-live accordian.)

McWolf: Hey! What happened to all my sheep?

Droopy: I guess they took it on the lamb.


McWolf: Oh. (face palm) Baaaaaaaa! (falls down)

(The scene cuts to the countryside at night)

Droopy, Dripple, and Vavoom: Ohhhh, give me some sheep who have big fluffy sheep,

Sheep: Who have lots of grass and get baaaaack,

Vavoom: Sheepherding,

Droopy: Sheepherding,

Dripple: Sheepherding,

Moon: Sheepherding,

(sheep bleating in the background) Droopy, Dripple, and Vavoom: Sheepherding, sheepherding, that's the kind we love! If it wasn't for sheep, we give it up! Baaa! Baaa! Baaa!

Vavoom: (spinning in a circle) Sheepherding, sheepherding, (with stars) they're sheep amazing! If it wasn't for sheep, then we keep craving, "Baa, baa, baa." (sheep bleat while she kisses Dripple, Droopy, and a sheep, but she gags at the sheep. She keeps dancing until a limo passes by. A man steps down.)

Manager: Oh leaping leader hosing, what a gimmick! A singing sheep! Oh I need you to star in a big Broadway show! You remember the show called 'Cats'? Well I've got a new concept, 'Sheep'! It can't lose!

Vavoom: Ooh! We'd love to be in your show! Wouldn't we Fluffy?

Fluffy: Well, if we manage right, doll.

Manager: Oh, the sheep's got sharp quality! Well, now all we need is the bad guy. The attackiness to create conflict with the sheep. Like, say…

McWolf: (off-screen) …a wolf!

Manager: Yes yes! Brilliant! A wolf!

McWolf: Yeah, a wolf! (comes on-screen) Hey I can do wolf. (shows teeth) Look, I got the sharp, pointy teeth of a bad guy, (shows eyes, which are bloody) And the beady little eyes of a dirt bag. What'd you say? (holds manager up) Take me to Hollywood. Oh Tinseltown, here comes Wolfie! (runs to limo, and door automatically shuts) I'm stooped! I am so stooped! (limo becomes police car, sirens sound) Hey! What's going on? Lemme out of here! (police car drives to mountainside) Does this mean I'm not going to Hollywood? I wanna see the lights! I wanna do lots with Donald! (cries)

(the manager reveals himself to be Droopy and Dripple)

Vavoom: Droopy?

Droopy: Looks like McWolf fell for our sting.

Dripple: I guess you can say you're the king of sting! (giggles)

Vavoom: You're the best, poochy-woochy! How about staying with me, (hugs Droopy) and we'll raise hundreds of little sheep together?

Droopy: (removes hat) Sorry, ma'am. (step down) But my job is to bring law-breakers to justice. (walks away) Son, did I just turn down Miss Vavoom?

Dripple: You sure did, papa.

Droopy: Better bring me my medication. (iris out on him)

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