Tom watches over a Sick Cindy-Lou, making Jerry lonely and bored while inside Tom's house.


In Tom's House at night, just before bedtime, Tom is chasing Jerry like always, but crashes into the door. making Him dazed as He walks woozily outside. feeling He needs emotional support, Tom goes to Cindy-Lou's House and notices Her in Her bed, asleep and sick with the flu. Tom comes back to His house, writes down a message and places it quietly in front of Jerry's mouse hole and leaves to get a Hazmat suit.

At Morning, Inside Cindy-Lou's house as She wakes up, She sees Tom in a hazmat suit watching over Her, startling Her and woozily asking Tom why He came to visit, but says never mind as She tells Him that the flu She has isn't contagious as She makes Him remove His suit and tells Him She needs company, which Tom accepts and watches over Her.

back in Tom's House, in the kitchen, Jerry is eating, but becomes dissatisfied with the food, since tom didn't come to chase the mouse away, then Jerry sees the note and realizes that Tom went to watch over Cindy-Lou, infuriating Him.

Hours later, back in Cindy-Lou's house, Tom is still watching over Cindy-Lou, but falls asleep while dreaming, in the form of a colorful church, with Tom as the Groom and Cindy-Lou as the Bride, with Jerry as the Pastor. Jerry motions Tom to Kiss the Bride, which He does, but the dream ends abruptly when Tom wakes up, with Cindy-Lou asking what He was dreaming of. He whispers the details, making Cindy-Lou go "aw". She then told Tom that once Her flu is gone, Cindy-Lou will take Him to a date at a new restaurant, called the Chinese Siamese Restaurant. specializing in Asian Cuisine.

As Tom leaves the House, He sees an angry Jerry, who stomps on the Kitten's Foot. and just as the Kitten was about to chase Jerry, Tom slows and collapses, and gets Cindy-Lou's flu. Jerry sees this and gets an Evil look in His eyes. Inside Tom's House, Jerry is tending to Tom, feeding Him chicken soup. Tom sickly smiles at Jerry for tending to Him.

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