McWolf goes to a sleep clinic to cure his insomnia.


In a city at night, McWolf is in a slump with bloodshot eyes, and not having much luck with finding food in the trash cans, but vomits when He realizes what He's eating. He then goes into a panic and ran into a policemen,and just as the policeman was about to arrest McWolf, He runs away and after a chase sequence, ending with McWolf safely reaching home, Tom and Jerry in a cameo appearance, judge His evasion tactics, Tom gives a 9.9, as Jerry gives a 9.2. as McWolf watches TV, He sees a commercial for Dr. Droopy's Sleep Clinic. " with a guarantee to make You sleep or Your money back", McWolf then runs to the Clinic to get to sleep as soon as possible.

At the Clinic, after a 45-minute wait, McWolf is called up by Nurse Vavoom to see Dr. Droopy and is told to take tests. the tests are composed of sleeping on a pile of feathers, watching a 12-hour documentary of the Solar System, A Video of paint drying, and a being trapped in a room filled with sleep gas. and all of them failed. Droopy realizing that He found a sleepless patient, realizes there may be one thing left to do. according to the commercial, Droopy tells McWolf that either He'll sleep normally, or 10 times His money back. and after Droopy gives McWolf the money, he hugs it and then falls asleep. Dripple informs to His dad, "should We relieve Him of the money, since He's asleep, Papa?" Droopy then says, "nah, He'd probably won't be able to sleep without the money", as the both of them laugh.