For the character, see Slowpoke Antonio (character).

Jerry is visited by His cousin from the town of Chili Bean, Texas, Slowpoke Antonio, Who is practicing for a Rodeo Competition in Town.


A yellow cab arrives in front of the house, and what comes out is a white mouse, who is twirling His lasso expertly, until He sees Tom hiding behind a tree, as the kitten flicks a marble at Jerry's door. Jerry comes out of the mousehole and gets captured by Tom. the white mouse, however, snares Tom's ankle, freeing Jerry, and hog-ties the kitten. which took 10 seconds, which is too slow for His liking, then He unsnared Tom, making Him spin as He tips over a birdbath, eridicates a couple of bushes, shredding a few clothes, and into the house, Tom now looks look like a mummy from the shredded clothes. safe from His ordeal, Jerry meets the white mouse, who is in fact, his cousin, Slowpoke Antonio from Chili Bean, TX. Antonio however falls asleep during His conversation, Jerry wakes Him, and Antonio tells His cousin that the reason Antonio came to visit town, was to compete in a roping championship at the rodeo, tonight, and Antonio told Jerry that Tom would make a good practice target for practice, just as Tom grabs Antonio, throws Him out of the yard, and slams the gate door shut. but the gate door is taken down as Antonio returns back.

somewhere in the yard, Antonio tells Jerry that Tom is friendly as a rattlesnake with a toothache, as Tom grabs Him by the throat, licks a stamp on His head, and places Him in a mailbox, but Antonio uses His lasso to attack Tom, the kitten sees it and tries to escape it, as He enters an alley and goes into a trash can. the lasso taps on the trash lid and attacks Tom when He lifts the lid, leading Him to the mailbox, and came out, hogtied. Antonio checks His watch, learning that it took 8 seconds, which is still too long and continues to practice, as He looked for Tom. Antonio spots Him under a red bucket as Tom goes inside the tool shed and rides a mobile mower to mow down Antonio. Jerry sees this and saves Antonio by picking Him up away from the mower, in spite of Antonio saying that He'll handle Tom on his own as the both of them go into a hole in the fence. Tom stops the mower and sees a rope on the clothesline, and uses it as a makeshift lasso, successfully snaring Jerry and Antonio, however Antonio gets Himself and Jerry out of the rope and ties up Fido's tail. Tom still pulling the rope readies Himself to deal with the mouse pair, pulls out Fido through the hole in the fence, and Tom hogties Him, but after realizing that He hogtied Fido, Tom runs away for dear life, as Fido barks angrilly.

still loking to practice, Antonio with Jerry search for Tom as Tom captures Antonio in a metal box, locks Him in and tosses the box out of the yard, as He grabs Jerry. and shuts Himself in the closet. but it wasn't enough to keep Antonio's rope from snaring Tom from under the closet door, and hogtying the Kitten in 4 seconds time, signifying that Antonio is ready for the competition. as Antonio leaves for the Competition, He says goodbye to Jerry and tells Him to watch His cousin on TV. later, Jerry watches TV on the sofa, and sees Antonio on TV as Tom is behind the Sofa. Antonio does His performance, but when His lasso bumped His hat, the lasso snared Him up, making Antonio lose points, to Jerry's disappointment. Tom laughs at Antonio's misfortune, but Antonio's lasso from the TV screen snares Tom, through the TV screen and tied up in 3 seconds' time, becoming an all-time world record. Antonio then tells Tom to take a bow, as Antonio does the same.


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  • This episode marks the very first appearance of Jerry's Cowboy Cousin, Slowpoke Antonio.

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