On a snowy day, after the Chase School professor denies the students the day off, Tom and Jerry take matters in their hands to make the professor reconsider about having days off in the events of snow. But the professor might not be what he seems...


At Tom's house, Tom watches the news report of snow coming tonight. The kitten celebrates as Jerry watches him, and laughs at Tom's silly dance. Tomorrow came, and as Tom and Jerry look outside, they see the neighborhood covered with snow, and it was still snowing. But just as Tom and Jerry enjoy the wintery environment, Tom is informed by his owner that he's got a phone call from the Chase School's professor, who's telling him and Jerry to come to Chase School today, making the pair shed frozen tears.

At Chase School, the snow still falls, but the students come to the courtyard angrily, after being denied a day off. As the professor lectures on chasing in a wintery environment, two students (one, a kitten, the other, a mouse) throw a snowball at the professor as he was about to introduce Tom and Jerry, but the students are too cold to cheer. Another student (a girl kitten) makes a snow-cat, but the professor tells the kitten not to play because it's not recess. Jerry whispers a plan to Tom as the latter in a thought cloud, thinks about a phone to call for help, and Jerry rushes off into the lecture hall. Tom then tries to disguise the plan, and make it look like Tom is chasing Jerry with a snow shovel. as the professor continues to lecture, Jerry goes into the Lecture hall, He tries the phone but it was dead. so, Jerry goes to the confiscated items warehouse to find a cell phone, which He does and just as He's about to call for help, He sees someone in the shadows tied up.

as Tom comes back tired and empty-handed the Kitten Students "aw" dejectedly, and the professor grabs Tom by the tail, and forces Him to go after all the Mice students to make up for failing to grab Jerry, Tom refuses, and when the Professor threatens Him, Tom impulsively claws the Professor in the face, surprising all the students. and to the shock of everyone, the Professor's face is actually a mask, Tom then removes the mask to reveal the face of the Chase School Principal, and His reason for not closing School? He wants more money by removing Snow Days. and the Students fling snowballs at the Principal. Jerry and the real Professor come out as the Police arrive and arrest the Principal for not closing School on Snow Days, Endangering Students, holding a teacher hostage, and other charges. Jerry then congratulates Tom by shaking His index finger. as the Students have a Snowball Fight at a football field and the Professor watches and is pelted with snowballs.


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