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The Bully Dog
Vital statistics
Full name Spike the Dog
Personality Soft-hearted (to Jerry and Tyke), dumb, stern (to Tom)
Attire Red leash with yellow spikes
Species A bulldog
Affiliations Good
Relatives Tyke (son), his unnamed grandmother (from Hoodwinked Cat)
Friends Tyke, Jerry, the entire cast (except a few characters)
Enemies Tom, Kyle, McWolf[1]
Background info
Voiced by Dick Gautier
First appearance Dog Daze Afternoon


Originally created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Spike is an overly strict, but occasionally dumb bulldog whose tolerance of cats, including Tom, is at best, Inconsiderate. and won't hesitate to threaten the Kitten, even though Tom is Young. but becomes a soft person when it comes to mice, and his son Tyke. However, in Tom and Jerry Kids, his personality is a bit more calmer, and has a habit of saying a word with the incorrect grammar. He and Tyke also live in a blue house.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three and Four


  • Spike's voice actor, Richard "Dick" Gautier, made plenty of appearances on TV Shows like Match Game 73, Get Smart, and was a panelist on Peter Marshall's Edition of Hollywood Squares.



  1. "Scrapheap Symphony": Spike threw a watermelon at him.

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