Tyke forces Tom and Jerry to hide Spike, when a criminal who looks exactly like Him, Escapes Prison.


The Story begins at a Prison when the sun was about to rise, a Silhouette of a Brutish dog falls safely down His prison cell and escapes successfully but not before The Prison Lights expose the Dog, who looks exactly like Spike except for a missing tooth. Later that day, Tyke is eating lunch and prepares to watch His favorite program, but is interrupted by a TV report of an Escaped Convict Dog, and to Tyke's surprise, He see the report, and pales when He thinks that His father will be taken to Prison. At a Supermarket, Spike buys food for the week, and leaves for the week. but as He ventures home, the Convict behind a trash can, sees Spike which gives Him an idea. as He slowly follows Spike but out of sight as He hides behind a tree.

At Tom's house, Tom is chasing Jerry but their chase is put on hold, when Tyke breaks inside the house. wanting to enlist the kitten to hide His father. Tom is hesitant, but Tyke informs the Kitten that if His Father is taken by the Police, the Pup will make the Kitten's lifestyle an endless nightmare as Tom's houseguest. and just as Jerry snickers at Tom's predicament, Tyke tells the mouse, that if He tries to hinder Tom's attempts to hide Spike, He'll be sold to a Laboratory, making Jerry pale. later, When Spike returns home, Tyke and Tom gets a bewildered Spike to hide inside the attic, just as the Convict goes inside the house and removes His Prison wear to look exactly like Spike, except for His tooth. and when Tyke, Tom, and Jerry spot the Convict, thinking it's Spike, hide Him up the Attic.

but to Their surprise a few seconds later, They See Two Spikes in the same room! Confused on who is His real father, Tyke asks a few trivia questions to Both Spikes. including What Tom's name is, What breed is Tyke's girlfriend, and what Tyke dressed as from Last Halloween. The Real Spike got two out of three correct. however, before the trivia could continue, Tom whispers that the Convict has a missing tooth. but as the fake tried to escape, chaos ensues when Tyke, Tom, Jerry, and the Spikes run around the house. the Chaos ends when Jerry trips up the Spikes making them fall down the House's Porch. and the resulting crash caused Spike's tooth to be knocked out. and in front of the Police. as the Police takes Both Spikes away to Prison, Tyke tries to explain the situation, but as Tyke continues to convince the police, Tom and Jerry stomp on both Spikes' foot. One grabbed Jerry and threatens Him, the other tries to keep himself from going off, which Identifies the Real Convict, because the Real Spike would never forgive a Cat who tries physical force. with the Convict taken to Jail, Tyke thanks Tom for the help. as for Jerry, He is chased by Spike in the Horizon as the Dog looks for a Dentist to place His tooth back on His mouth.


  • (As Tyke watches TV, and waits for his father to come along...)
TV: We interrupt this broadcast for a special bulletin. Pointy-Tooth Beauchamp has escaped prison and is presumed to be in this city. Here's an artist rendering. (A picture of Beauchamp is seen, who looks like Spike.) If you see Beauchamp, avoid confrontation, and contact police immediately. And please, be very cautious!
Tyke: Hey, he looks a lot like my dad, unless Daddy's an escaped criminal...! But he's still my dad. I need to hide him. But How...?
  • (After Tyke wants Tom and Jerry to help Hide His Dad.)
Tyke: Just remember, Thomas. if Dad is taken to Prison, You're gonna have a new houseguest, Me. and believe Me, just because You're young as Me, it doesn't mean I won't chase You like Dad always does. I don't know why. (Jerry snickers.) Huh? (glares at Jerry.) and If You try to botch up, uh... T-Tom's attempts to Hide Dad, and He ends up in Prison, I'll auction You off to a Laboratory. I promise, I will.

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