Star Wrek
Season 3, Episode 23, Part 1 of 3

Written By

Barry Blitzer


Captain Jerry B. Quirk (Jerry) faces against Thomas the Tormentor (Tom) in a parody of Star Trek.


The Starship called, SS Compromise, on an endless mission to explore the unknown and to go where no man or mouse has gone before, is commanded by the legendary Captain Jerry B. Quirk (a.k.a, Jerry Mouse) and his equally legendary First Officer Mr Speck. They both sit down to watch the Captain's favorite show, The Galaxy's Most Wanted Feline Aliens. As the broadcast goes through the top four Most Wanted, Bubba Alien, Iman Alien, Poncho Alien, and the most wanted: Vulgar Alien alias Thomas the Tormentor (Tom Kitten), Chief of the Vulgarians, and part-time Opera lover. Later, as Jerry plays a Pac-Man-like Video Game, Space Control calls Jerry and tells him that the Galactic Puss, Tom's ship, is filled with Vulgarians and is heading toward them. Though outnumbered, Jerry activates the Inter-Celestial Multiplier to increase the number of his crew and launch them toward the Galactic Puss. Vulgar and his Lieutenant Daleecia easily thwart the attack and counterattack. just as Tom was still on and swatted Tom's Ship. Soon, a second wave is launched a Viking attack. Jerry counters with a buzz saw spaceship that cuts apart the Vulgarians' Oars first, and then the Viking Ship, thwarting the attack. A meeting is called on Tom's ship for a final assault on the SS Compromise as Lieutenant Daleecia reveals the blue prints of Jerry's ship, which is Infiltration. An announcement is made over the Compromise's intercom that Jerry's adopt-a-pet has arrived, which is revealed to be a Trojan horse with the four most wanted inside. As they criminals lay siege to the ship, Jerry and his First Officer escape to the Galactic Puss while Vulgar and his cats shot the Compromise full of holes and in Ruins. Through a Hole of the Compromise, the Wanted Aliens then see Jerry on Tom's ship with Daleecia in the hands of Jerry who kisses Deleecia.


  • The Compromise is a parody of the Enterprise.