Det. Droopy and Junior Det. Dripple try to find out who stole the city's paintings, and since McWolf is innocent, someone else did.


In a museum, someone screams that the paintings are stolen. At McWolf's apartment, McWolf is writing down cooking recipes on TV. Just as the program ends, 2 policemen barge in and brutally arrest McWolf as he calls police brutality. At a police station, McWolf is in a lie detector test. After a few questions, he spoke that he didn't steal any paintings. The detector says that McWolf has spoken the truth. The surprised policemen thinks that the detector's on the fritz. Then they call the detectives Droopy and Dripple to come to the museum to search for clues. They came like magic, and search the museum's floors. They find human fingerprints on a wall, which proved McWolf innocent, as the detectives call the police station.

At 4 AM, Dripple finds some shoeprints and tests one of them, which is a size 12 and smells like sardines. Dripple then checks the prints and finds himself in the prehistoric room, inventions room, medieval poom, renaissance room, and stops at the Egyptian room. When Dripple figures out who stole the paintings, he is taken by a black shadow, tied up in a bag, and thrown out a window. But Dripple appears behind the shadow, surprising him as he runs away.

After reaching his dad, Dripple figured out who stole the paintings. Despite the black shadow's attempts, Dripple reached Droopy, telling him that the he knows who stole the paintings disguised as 'The Black Shadow'. a trap is set, crudely-made with wood. The black shadow is successfully captured. Droopy unmasks the culprit (Scooby-Doo style) and it was the museum curator, who stole the paintings so he could auction them off at international waters, where there were no ownership laws. At a courthouse, the judge tells the curator is found guilty, McWolf is found innocent, but McWolf sues the 2 inconsiderate policemen for wrongful arrest, making a mockery of police everywhere, and police brutality. and Dripple doesn't mind but Droopy asks why McWolf isn't the villain in this cartoon. Dripple tells his dad, "the writers who could be the wolf's fans.", as Droopy looks at us in bewilderment.


McWolf's fans (note: this is just a joke. The real fans are me and some random people.)

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