A Feral Mouse (Wild Mouse) is Swinging on Vines in the Jungle, and a Cat (Kevin Catsner, a Homage to Kevin Costner) in a Loincloth is about to swing a vine, and does that after someone offscreen said "Action". after seconds of Pursuing Wild Mouse, however the Cat's Vine Snapped, causing Him to fall in the Water. Kevin told the Director that if He doesn't have a Stunt Double by Noon, He'll Resign. The Director accepts Unwillingly. and the Stuntman from Hollywood, called Tommy BoneBuster (Who is Really Tom) in the First Scene, Tom's Vine Snapped Prematurely, and fell in the Rapids of a Waterfall. in the Next Scene, After Kevin does His Part, Poor Tom gets Trampled by Elephants. The Next Scene, which is a Snowy Summit, Kevin is in a Ninja Battle with Wild Mouse, and once again, Tom is used as the Scapegoat for the Avalanche, but Wild Mouse and Kevin are caught in the Giant Snowball, Destroying a Wood Barn. fed up with the Director's Arrogance, Kevin, Wild Mouse, and Tom Fling Snowballs at Him as the Director screams Cut over and over as He is pelted with Snowballs.


  • The First version of Wild Mouse is used for this episode, but this is the last episode that  this version of Wild Mouse is used.
  • Kevin Catsner is modeled after the famous actor Kevin Costner.