At a Southern Mansion in the Pre-Civil War Era, Tom tries to Juggle between keeping Jerry from eating from the Banquet Table ordering by his owner Alaexandra and romancing a Southern Belle Kitten named Sugar Belle.


  • Beauregard (who is young at age) bears a close resemblance to Clyde (an adult) from the present-day (20th century), only he has lesser stripes and his tail is one-color in contrast to Clyde. However, it may be implied that Beauregard may be one of Clyde's ancestors.



  • This episode takes place during the pre-Civil War era; however the title card shows a present-day Tom wearing his baseball cap that wasn't a fashion until the 20th century. Also, since this episode takes place in the pre-Civil War era, Jerry from this era wears a red bowtie like his present-day counterpart; although bowties have been commonplace since the Middle Ages.