Swallow the Swallow
Season 149c title card
Season 3, Episode 22, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Patrick A. Ventura


Kyle and Clyde Chase Bernie Bird in a Farm Town, and They try to storm Bernie's Birdhouse.


Kyle and Clyde walk on the Train Tracks to Look for Food, and with Kyle's Binoculars, He sees Bernie getting Tired and making a Crash Landing, wanting Medical Attention. Seeing the Cats, He asks Kyle if He's a Doctor. making Kyle don a Doctor's Coat, and Clyde in a Nurse's Outfit. the Cats take Bernie and put Him in a Frying Pan on top of a Stove. with Salt, Pepper, Celery, Onion, Potato, Turnip, Carrot, Yam, Garlic, and a Shallot. (Clyde remarks that Garlic shouldn't be mixed with Shallots.) Kyle attempts to Slice and Dice Bernie but cuts the Vegetables in a Salad. and after Cylde wanted eat Bernie's Leg, Bernie Finds out that Kyle and Clyde are not Doctors, but are Cats and Flies away to His Birdhouse hoping He won't have His Cardiac Arrested.

Kyle tells Clyde to Climb up the Birdhouse's Pole and grab Bernie, Which He does, and tries to Blow Bernie out the Window, but blew away His Blanket. a Drowsy Bernie grabs Clyde's Tongue but after realizing the Tongue is Soggy and not His Blanket, Bernie Pulls Clyde's Tongue like a Rubber Band and lets it go. causing Clyde to Fall and flatten Kyle. Clyde tries to make Kyle better by blowing Him up like a Balloon and explode like one, too.

Soon as Clyde was climbing a Retractable Ladder, with Kyle raising the Ladder. Bernie counters this by giving Clyde a 16-Ton Weight. causing the Ladder to retract Backwards, Kyle who was Raising the Ladder spun round and round and landed in a Barn. Armed with a Rocket ignited by Kyle, Clyde flies upward chasing Bernie, Destroying the Birdhouse and a Shed Kyle was hiding (full of Chicken Packages) in the Process. Bernie escaping His Ordeal thanked Kyle and Clyde for the Idea of a Copter-Pack to help Him save Up His Energy. Kyle however berated Clyde for being a Maroon, causing Clyde to have a Headache. and as He goes into the Sky's Horizon, He replied that He never got His Baby Aspirin, but is willing to find something in his System.



  • Bernie the Bird has a Color change from Yellow to Blue.