Swampy Fox
Swampy Fox
Swampy Fox, hanging on a tree branch with the map in his hand.


Swampy the Foxy Fox

Appeared In

Cajun Gumbo


Anthropomorphic Red Fox



Fur Color

Burnt Orange

Eye Color

White with Black Irises

Swampy Fox (also known as Swampy the Foxy Fox) is a fox who appears in "Cajun Gumbo" as the episode's only protagonist. He was raised in Hokey Finokey Swamp, that is run by his former friend and archnemesis, Sheriff Potgut.

Physical Appearance

Swampy is an anthropomorphic red fox who has burnt orange fur, white whiskers, a tan muzzle, a tan belly, tan hands, tan feet, and a bushy burnt orange tail with a white tail point. He has a long, pointy snout.


Swampy's apparel consists of an azure short-sleeved T-shirt, an auburn vest worn over his shirt, and an azure hat with front and rear brims and an auburn band around it.


Swampy is brave and adventurous and enjoys looking for hidden treasures. He despises performing in circuses, aware of the fact that circuses promote animal cruelty. He is also prone to breaking into tears when insulted very harshly. He takes pride in the map he made out himself which is to locate the Hidden Treasure of One-Eyed Ladoo on X Island, only to prevent Sheriff Potgut (calls Him Fat-gut or Teapot.) and his henchmen the Gator Brothers from using it. However, he uses the map to set traps on Sheriff Potgut and the Gator Brothers to get revenge of them for sending him to the circus. However, after he gives the map to his enemies against his will, the treasure turns out to be a note telling them that he is going to South America, free of their evil plans.