Tom and Jerry band together to take down a couple of Dog Burglars.


On a dark and stormy night, Jerry attempts to steal some milk from Tom's bowl. However, Tom is there to stop him and chase him back into his mouse hole, which Tom places a chest as a barricade. Tom then heads to watch TV when a bulletin is broadcast about the escape of The Break n' Entry Boyz and are in the Neighborhood. Tom in a panic runs around the house locking everything. Jerry then scares Tom in order to steal his milk successfully. as Tom tries to sleep, Jerry sets a clock to midnight, waking and scaring Tom who tries to get His revenge. Jerry tries to scare the kitten with the use of finger shadowing and a flashlight, but is grabbed as He is taken to the backyard, where Tom places Jerry on a seesaw to catapult Jerry into a dumpster.

When Tom returns, he sees footprints and follws them, which belongs to the Break n' Entry Boyz, Rotgut and Dumpster. The two criminals tie up Tom in the kitchen, tape His mouth shut, and begin stealing everything in the house. Jerry sneaks back and finds Tom tied up as He taunts the kitten, but sees the two crooks robbing the house, so He helps untie Tom and remove the tape, of course Tom yowls in pain, alerting the burglars. as the Burglars pursue Tom and Jerry, the pair use a yarn string as a tripwire which trip up the crooks, then Tom uses a kiln blower, blinding the crooks. and as Rotgut and Dumpster wonder where Tom and Jerry went, Tom taunts them, and spreads marbles on the floor, tripping up the crooks in the basement.

In the Living room, Tom places a flashlight on a record player as Jerry gives Him a siren horn. and just as the crooks are about to get serious, Tom activates the horn, and plays the siren sound, sounding like the Police are coming, forcing Rotgut and Dumpster to escape the house. but, Tom uses a Tray Table in a giant slingshot to fire at the fleeing crooks, which lands them at the same dumpster, and Tom locking Them in so They can't escape as Jerry calls the police, who show up at the dumpster to arrest the Break n' Entry Boyz who give up. the police say that whoever aided in captured the crooks deserve the $10,000 reward, which Tom rushes to claim, but Jerry closes the window on His tail, as the Mouse chases after the police car to get the reward.


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