The Mermouse
The Enigmatic Half-Fish Half-Mouse

First and Only Appearance

Tom's Mermouse Mess-Up


Orange Bikini top




The Mermouse (Unknown name) is a teal Mermouse (Upper half is Mouse, Lower Half is Fish) around Jerry's Age with Turquoise Hair, an Orange Bikini top and Dark Green fish tail for Her Lower Body. Her Only Appearance was Tom's Mermouse Mess-Up. Where She also became Smitten with Jerry Mouse after saving Him from a sawfish. but also became a Target for Tom, Not to Eat, but to Exploit to the Outside World. After a chase in the ocean, She was however caught and being displayed in an Aquarium, but escaped with Jerry's help, and after Tom was Zapped out of the Ocean by a Water God, She and Jerry watch the Moonlight as they hold each other's Shoulders.


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