The Bloodfather and his haunted mob try to do in Droopy and Dripple on vacation at Droopy-Land.


An obese man known as the Bloodfather watches a news report saying that once Droopy and Dripple's vacation is over, He'll arrest the entire Monster Mob, and Their leader, the Bloodfather. Later, at a mansion on a mountain, the Bloodfather takes attendance and checks Count Crookula, Frankenator, Crummy McMummy, and Zombina. as the Bloodfather tells His henchmen about Droopy that Their organization is under threat, He spins the Wheel of Misfortune, and where ever it stops, He or She will have the privilege of eliminating Droopy, which stops at Count Crookula, Who is ecstatic about being selected, and that He's also going to Droopy-Land, named after their Nemesis, Droopy. as the Count goes on to Droopy-Land. At Droopy-Land, Droopy and Dripple ride a roller coaster named the Droop-a-Loop. unfortunatly, Count Crookula approachs Droopy withgreat malice, but is captured in a butterfly net, after crashing above a tunnel as a bat, with Droopy saying to His son, "Book Him".

Realizing that Crookula failed, The Bloodfather calls in Frankenator to track down Droopy. Where He and Dripple are riding on a train ride. the Monster grabs Droopy, but the Detective tricks Frankenator that He was supposed to track Droopy through the train tracks, as a passenger train crashes into the Frankenator, as Droopy said to book Frankenator. At a egyptian-themed haunted tomb, Crummy McMummy tries to attack Droopy but His Mom comes and berates Him. as They argue, Dripple asks His Dad if He should book McMummy for arrest, Droopy responded that McMummy is already doing hard time, in the form of McMummy being given a tongue-lashing from His Mom.

as Droopy and Dripple walk around the park, with only Zombina and the Bloodfather left, Zombina zaps Droopy into coming to Zombina, She tries to kiss Droopy with the Smooth of Doom, which She does, but goes love-crazy wanting to know how Droopy does great at kissing, Droopy responded that is was a lot of practice and said "Book Her". The Bloodfather tries to strike a plea agreement with Droopy, which Droopy accepts. at a stage, the Bloodfather introduces the rest of His Gang as a hip-hop band at Droopy-Land in lieu of jail time, as Droopy continues to make a lot of money.


For the transcript of The Monster Mob, click here.


  • The episode references DroopyLand, a Tom & Jerry Kids episode in 1991, in which McWolf tries to destroy.

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