The Mouth is Quicker than The Eye
Season 160c title card
Season 4, Episode 7, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Jim Ryan‏‎


Calaboose Cal becomes a Magician with the Mystery Lady (Miss Vavoom) to a Rich Brat's Birthday Party to acquire Money.


Calaboose Cal as a Magician, with the Mystery Lady (Miss Vavoom) as His Assistant, in a Truck reach a Rich Estate. A Magician Runs Away (along with the Clowns and Animals) exclaiming that a Nutcase would Perform for the Birthday Boy. Cal the Magnificent makes an Appearance to the Mother. after entering the Mansion, Cal gets Drenched by a Bucket of Water by the Birthday Boy, Buster Upchuck. the Mystery Lady Reminds Cal not to Blow His Top and to Remember the Dough.

at the Start of the Performance, Cal makes a Long-Speech, making Buster Fling a Tomato at the Cat and told Him to Get Lost. Cal's First Trick is disappearing through the Taiwanese Trap Door. Buster Dismisses it as a Phony, but falls downward. Cal's Second Trick is Making the Mystery Lady Flout under a white Sheet. Buster proclaims that He switched the Mystery Lady with Nothing. but under the Sheet was a Cake which falls on to Buster. Cal's Third Trick is summoning a Big Ape. Buster Proclaims that it's only a Blow-Up Toy, but Gets picked up by the Ape. Cal makes the Ape Disappear and Buster Falls Down. Cal's Fourth Trick is an Escape Trick getting Out of the Chains and Rope to get out of a Trunk. Buster Places a Dynamite Stick in the Trunk and gets it out of Here, but after the Trunk Opens, We See Buster holding the Dynamite Stick, as it Explodes. Cal's Fifth Trick is to Make a Train Appear in the Mansion.

Buster Fed up with Cal's Tricks, said He Blew it. proclaims that if There's No Train, No show and His Mom added "No Show, No Dough". the Train Appears running Over Buster and His Mother. the Kids Applauded Cal for the Show. Buster's Mother Berates Cal for making a Her Son a Laughingstock amd as She was about to deny Calaboose His Pay, Cal stops Her and tells Her to listen to the Cheers and Applause of the Kids. Cal said it was for Her Son, so Cal offers to Help Buster for a Piece of the Action, and Tells them His Plan.

Calaboose Cal and the Mystery Lady at the Calaboose Cal Comedy Improv sells Tickets and Pies to See "That Comedy Sensation, Buster Upchuck", Whom is Telling Jokes and being Pelted with Pies. the Mother Flings a Pie at His Son, and He didn't mind slurping the ruined Pie.


  • Calaboose Cal's 6th Appearance.
  • When Cal said the Applause was for Buster, He has two Sharp Teeth like a Vampire.
  • One of the Few Episodes Where Cal is Successful.