Tim Cat

Appeared In

Fraidy Cat

Voiced by

Dana Hill


Anthromorphic Cat



Eye Color

Yellow Sclerae with Black Pupils

Tim Cat appears in the episode "Fraidy Cat", who claims himself to be Tom's Twin brother. He was voiced by Dana Hill, famed for playing Audrey Griswald From National Lampoon's European Vacation who also voiced Max Goof in the Disney Series, Goof Troop, Norton from 1995 DIC cartoon, What-a-Mess, and Jerry's speaking voice in the Tom and Jerry Movie in 1992. He is based on George from the Tom and Jerry short, "Timid Tabby".

Appearance and Personality

Tim is a enthusiastic glaucous cat who looks exactly like Tom , but his baseball cap is orange-yellow/peach with a green stripe down in the middle. He has a speaking role unlike Tom. He has had past experiences of being a fraidy cat by his peers from his neighborhood, but unsuccessfully tries to overcome his fear. Whenever he wants to eat, he pilfers food out of the refrigerator rather than to ask Tom's permission to eat the food (although Tom doesn't talk). Whenever he sees mice (especially Jerry) or mice see him, he panics and exaggerates, and resorts to whining over mice.