Tim tells Tom about how He had His first meeting with His first love, Trista.


In Tom's house, as Tom is about to corner Jerry, he hears the doorbell as Jerry gets to the mousehole. Tom goes to the door and sees Tim, who wants to tell His twin brother that He's got a girlfriend in the neighborhood, which is Trista (from "Tom Thumped"), while Tom is shown visions in His mind about His first encounter with Trista, including Tom giving flowers, Him chasing Jerry as She watches, Wild Mouse attacking Tom as Trista watches in shock, and Trista hugging Jerry as She walks past Tom who, was wanting a kiss. as Tom shrugs His shoulders. Tim tells the story to His Twin brother and Jerry, who was listening  as His story begins outside Tom's house at the first day of spring, wondering how He'll get a girlfriend. Tim sees a White Kitten in Her limo, which is Trista. as Tim tries to signal His love to Her, the chauffer tries to spray water at Him, but has an umbrella deflects the water back at him, but partially dampens Him. which gets Trista's attention, and thinking it's Tom, comes out of the limo and aids Tim to the limo. The chauffer tries to get Tim to leave, but Tim silently refuses to comply. as the chauffer tries to use force to get Tim to leave, Trista defends Him, forcing the chauffer to give in. and take the both of them to Trista's house.

At Trista's house, Tim is given a tour of the Tabby Mansion as Trista told Tim that She broke up with Hunky, who only wanted Trista for Her money. She asks Tim if He after Her money as She places Her paw on his wrist, He said no. Trista then concludes that Tim speaks the truth and wants to hear about Tim's adventures while He wears a lie detecting helmet. in the lounge, Tim tells Trista that His twin brother Tom tries to help Him cure His sorrow with watching TV, (from "Twin-Twin Situation") being part of an unofficial Barber-Shop Quartet, (from "Barber-Shop Quarter") going on a Scuba-Diving adventure with a couple of His friends, (from "Over Pressure") escaped from the dreaded Wild Mouse (from "Mild and Crazy)" helping Tom win a home video award (from "Camera Shy") and helped His friends deal with burglars dressed as mice (from "Too Many Crooks") and Trista admires them since the lie detector says that His adventures were all true. but even with the adventures Tim had, Trista fears that it might not be enough to impress Her parents who will come to visit tonight. She suggested that He'll need some talent, like arranging a magic show. Tim thinks it's a good idea, but doesn't have much money but He might not need it, thanks to Tom training Him at the time.

At 8 PM, as Trista's Parents return home, She hugs them, and wants to introduce them to Her new boyfriend, an amateur magician named Timothy the Terrific. outside, They see Tim's magic show, as Tim starts with having Trista turn a five-color stick into a magic wand, including other magic tricks including turning a raccoon into a baby, pouring sand inside His top hat and turning it into seashells, and for His final trick, as Trista's Dad wanted to see a rabbit come out of Tim's Hat, Tim pulls out a rabbit, alright. but on top of it, Jerry Mouse! after seeing Jerry, Tim screams like a little girl  and falls facefirst into the ground,Trista's mom wasn't impressed, but Trista's Dad laughed uproariously approving Tim to be His daughter's boyfriend. however, Trista showed Her mother a tape of Tim telling Trista during the lie detector test. learning that Tim's padventures and escapades were true, Trista's Mom approved Tim to be Trista's boyfriend. but has Tim write down 3 things from Tim's history, one which is true, and the other 2, to be ficticious.

In the courtyard, Tim writes down 2 ficticious things "I use money from My twin brother's stocks" and "I pranked 47 rich people", along with the true article, "I'm afraid of Mice". When Trista and Her folks realized that Tim was afraid of Mice, Trista accepted the fact as did Her Dad, except Trista's Mom, but was grateful that Tim doesn't steal money from His Twin Brother and will be looking forward to the wedding of Her daughter and Tim. as Tim waved farewell, to Trista, He sees Jerry, and runs up a Tree, and He requests Trista to shoo away Jerry.

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