Tom's Terror
Season 2, Episode 3, Part 3 of 3

Written By

Jim Ryan


Tom leaves His Home to an Old Lady's House for excitement and Travel, but When He realizes the Old Lady is a Witch...


At Night, Tom is chasing Jerry again, and with a Broom. after crashing into the hole, Tom gets flattened by an Ironing Board a few seconds later. Feeling sympathy for Tom while talking with someone on the Phone, Tom's Owner suggested putting Him in the Old Kitty's Cat's Home, which offended the Kitten. Jerry then Taunts Tom by wearing a Beard with a Cane and laughs, but goes back to the Mousehole, which Tom Crashes into.

Outside thinking what to do, Tom grabs a Newspaper and.reads the Want Ads, and sees an ad that involves Travel and Excitement, Tom goes there, as Jerry Follows. Upon reaching the House (Which looks like a Haunted Castle) Tom is yanked inside and meets the Old Lady. Jerry squeezes through under the Door where Tom went in and sees the Old Lady placing Tom on a Fancy Cushion, as She puts the Kettle on. Tom sees Jerry through the Door and Chases Him to the Basement, which ends with Jerry Hiding in a Plant. the Old Lady in the Basement tells Tom that Tea is Ready, (Which is a Green Substance that's Bubbling.) Tom, thinking the Tea is with Poison, Dumps the Tea into the Plant where Jerry was Hiding. The Plant Becomes a Venus Flytrap-Like Being, and the Old Lady becomes a Green-Skinned Witch after Ingesting the Tea, Hiding Tom, Jerry, and the Plant. The Witch Summons Her Broomstick and Grabs Tom before Buckling Up. Tom and the Witch ride the Broomstick through the Fireplace, Through a City Building, Outer Space, and Back.

Eventually, as the Witch leaves to Tune up Her Wand, She tells Tom to keep Her Magic Wand Untouched. realizing His Mistake of going to the Witch's House, Tom tried to Escape, but The Doors Locked and Windows Barred. Tom sees Jerry (with the Wand) and summons an Escape Route for Tom, but moved around and closed itself. Tom then tried to get Jerry and the Wand but crashed into the Lab Equipment. a Vial's Pink Substance pours on Tom's Head making Him Invisible.(with only His Cap visible.) as He continies Chasing Jerry with a Fireplace Shovel. Jerry pours a Beaker's Violet Substance in Tom's Head, causing Him to Losing His Invisibility, but turns Him into a Vampire Kitten, Were-Kitten, and Franken-Kitten, but returns to Normal. The Chase continues as Tom and Jerry each grab a Broomstick.

Upon Returning Home, The Witch Sees Tom escaping the Mansion, and chases Him frying His Boomstick, and landing on Jerry's Small one, which the Witch fries as well. They Land on a Bush and the Witch thinks They died from the Fall, saying "I lose more Travelling Companions that way" flying off. Tom and Jerry in a Panic, Run for their Lives into the Horizon.


  • As Tom was pursuing Jerry before reaching the Mouse Hole, Tom's Cap is nowhere to be seen.