Tom's Yellow House
A house that's yellow all around
Episode Many
Type Residence
Location Hemet, CA
Inhabitants Tom, Jerry
Visitors See below

Tom's Yellow House is where most Tom & Jerry cartoons take place.


Jerry's mouse hole: Contains a matchbook (in the form of a collapsible chair,) a makeshift lamp, a wood block, a very small VCR, a tiny television set, a pincushion bed, (sometimes it's a sardines can) a small cordless phone, and a few makeshift exercise equipment.

Lounge: Contains a few sofas, a portrait, a potted plant, a bookcase, an ottoman, a television set, a piano, and a couple of lamps.

Kitchen: Contains a cooking range, cooking implements, a cookie jar, utensils, dryer, refrigerator, and a table.

Basement: Contains boxes of junk, and a hanging lightswitch.

Backyard: Contains a trash can, birdbath, sandbox, brick barbecue, a swimming pool, a see-saw, and a shed.

Furnace room: Contains a large furnace, piles of charcoal, and a shovel.

Powder room: Contains a mirror, cosmetics, a bed, a sofa, and a dresser.

Billiard Room: Contains a pool table and a few cues.

Patrons and Visitors of the House

  • Tom's owner (homeowner)
  • Tom Cat (lives in the house with his owner)
  • Jerry Mouse (lives in the mouse hole)
  • Spike and a mob of dogs ("Dog Daze Afternoon")
  • Urfo the Pup ("Outer Space Rover", "The Little Urfulls", "Urfo Returns")
  • Party cats (visited for a birthday party in "The Vermin")
  • The Vermin (came to Jerry's mouse hole to find a replacement for their leader in its eponymous episode)
  • Mandible Mangler the Alligator (came to hide from his employer until he got a bus ride home)
  • Calaboose Cal
  • Jerry's Mother
  • Chino and his mother: ("Who Are You Kitten")
  • Tom's Grandfather: Came to toughen up his grandson for the future.
  • Slowpoke Antonio
  • The Termimaid Robot
  • Rotgut and Dumpster (dogs who came to rob the house) ("The Break 'n' Entry Boyz")
  • Dave D. Fender
  • Possibly McWolf ("Car Wash Droopy")[1]
  • Mouse Ninjas ("S.O.S. Ninja")
  • Catastrophe Cat: Tom's bad-luck causing cousin who came to visit in its eponymous episode
  • Percy: A white mouse whose appearance resembles Jerry ("Tom's Double Trouble")
  • Cheezy ("I Dream of Cheezy")
  • Tim: A lookalike Tom who claims to be Tom's twin brother ("Fraidy Cat")
  • Bully Cats
  • Red Ants
  • Martian Mouse
  • Knockout Pig: Tried to escape the chopping block
  • Wild Mouse: Hid in Jerry's mouse hole from the police
  • The Catfields: Hillbilly cousins of Tom Cat
  • The McMeeces: Hillbilly cousins of Jerry Mouse
  • The Hawk: Only came to make a meal out of Jerry



Visitors in/near the house


  1. The house looks similar. However, Tom & Jerry are not seen.