Tom, the Babysitter
Tom the Babysitter
Season 3, Episode 2, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Don Nelson & Arthur Alsberg

First Aired

January 10, 1992


A woman hires a babysitter to watch the baby while she is out. Tom and Jerry are given a promise not to bother the baby. However, the babysitter relies on the telephone instead of doing her job, and Tom attempts to remind her to focus more on babysitting and less time on the telephone, but she refuses to take his commands until she finds him in contact with the baby.



Animation errors

  • When the babysitter first appears, her blouse is completely turquoise, but the sleeves and collar change to yellow for the rest of the episode.
  • The babysitter's lips shift style in between animations: single lined to double-lined where she looks as if she had on lipstick and vice-versa, but never wore lipstick at all.
  • The number of fingers on the babysitter's hands also shift between animations: three fingers to four fingers and vice-versa.
  • The shape of the baby's diaper shifts between shots: actual diapers which never have leggings to having leggings that would resemble a pair of shorts and vice-versa.

Factual errors

  • When the babysitter dials the number to call Marcie, clearly five digits are being heard and pressed, and then she starts the conversation. However, calls are only completed if seven digits are dialed for local calls; and on the other hand, pressing 1 and then the three digit area code is required first for distant calls.