Tom Thumped
Season 4, Episode 6, Part 2 of 3

Written by

Jim Ryan


Jerry tries to feed Wild Mouse food (who is chased by the Police) as Tom tries to win the heart of a White Kitten by giving Jerry to Her as a gift.


Inside Jerry's mousehole, He watches a news report that says that Wild Mouse will be at the Dinkle Brothers' Circus this coming weekend, but gets a bulletin saying that Wild Mouse escaped and a city-wide search for the escaped Wild Mouse was already underway, as Jerry sees a couple of Policemen outside. Wild Mouse from behind a Policeman's leg, eats the left shoe's front, getting the Policeman's attention. but Wild Mouse escapes to Tom's lawn, as He eats a Tree, gnaws a clothesline stake, and encounters Jerry, and thanks to Jerry's quick thinking, He hides Wild Mouse in the shed, escaping the sight of the Policeman. grateful, Wild Mouse shook Jerry's hand, and suggested some food, with Jerry going to find some, but is chased by Tom, all the way to a red mansion. and after Tom catches Jerry, He encounters a White Tabby Kitten, making Him become lovestruck with her, but releasing Jerry, who escapes. the Tabby goes into the mansion through a window. Tom, still smitten with her, tries to kiss her, but the Tabby closes the window on him, but surprisingly, removed the glass, which shatters after falling to the ground. He then leaves and returns, offering the Tabby a bouquet, which She accepts. and suggested Tom to give her a mouse, and one of which is Jerry! Tom willingly tries to grab Jerry, but lands on the road, and gets attacked by a street sweeper, leaving his body from the neck down, furless.

As the Police continued to search for Wild Mouse, Jerry carries a plate with a sandwich on it, to Wild Mouse, who eats it, but his hunger isn't satisfied, so Jerry goes to get more food. as Tom looks at the Tabby with binoculars, He notices a noise and sees Jerry carrying a platter of food walking off, so Tom cuts off Jerry, who flings the platter up, flattening Tom, who gives chase in the yard which ends with Jerry reaching the Shed. as Tom was looking for him, the Tabby tells Tom that Jerry is inside the shed, which Tom goes in, but got attacked by Wild Mouse in the dark, and Tom got slammed facefirst against the fence, making the Tabby think the mouse might be a moose. Jerry quietly thanked Wild Mouse.

At the Tabby's Mansion, Tom offers the Tabby another Bouquet of Flowers, and tells Tom that she still wants Jerry, wanting to hug, squeeze, have Tea Parties with, of course, Tom disgusted walks off. Meanwhile, in Jerry's Mouse hole, as Jerry and Wildmouse are watching a TV Show, Jerry gets grabbed by Tom and is put in a candy box. Wildmouse notices and switches places with Jerry as Tom was primming Himself, and after going to the Tabby, Tom offers a Box as Tabby was reading a Magazine, "Kitty Literature". after thinking that Tom got Jerry inside that Box, She's excited to see. but what comes out of the box, was Wildmouse, who attacks Tom to the Mansion's Yard, Where Jerry was waiting. Tom tries to get Jerry, but gets whacked with a Rake, Dazing Him, and just as He tries to Kiss the Tabby, She says that unless she's given a Mouse, she won't kiss Tom as she walks off. Tom, still dazed, falls into a Fountain, and gets attacked by a fish. at Tom's Yard, as Wildmouse was eating garbage, Tom locates Jerry in a garbage can, who taunts him into placing trash can lids on the can, but flies up, crushing Tom. Tabby sees the event and realizes that Tom would do just about anything to win her love. the chase continued to a Yard as Jerry and Wildmouse go into a Doghouse. Tom takes aim inside the Doghouse with a Bow and Plunger-Arrow, but hits a dog's rear end. the dog Retaliates by grabbing Tom and spanking him with the Plunger's handle.

At a Shipyard, Jerry takes Wildmouse to a Ship bound for Who-knows-where, and waves goodbye to his Raised-by-Wolves Friend. back at Home, Tom sorrows that he won't be able to win the Heart of the White Tabby, however, Jerry whispers to Tom. and Tom walks Jerry to the Tabby. the Tabby grateful for what Tom did, thanked Him, as She hugged Jerry like a Plush Toy. and as Tom was readying to kiss Tabby, not realizing that the Tabby went by Him, and Tom surprised that The Tabby already has a boyfriend, an Orange Striped Cat named Hunky, walking Her to a Limo, with Jerry coming along. Jerry waves Tom farewell as the begrudged kitten shook his fist at the characters inside the Limo, but gets run over by the Same Sweeper, leaving him furless from the neck down, and We Iris out with Tom's head lifted up, dazed.


  • Top Cat from his own cartoon is visible on the back cover of the tabby's magazine, Kitty Literature.
  • This episode may be set on Valentine's Day as Tom can be seen giving a heart-shaped box to the white cat, and in one scene he shoots a plunger with a bow in a similar fashion to a cupid.


  • As Tom rapidly goes back and forth to give the tabby a bouquet of flowers, there are a few shots of Tom with white eyes.
  • Tom slams four trash lids on the trash can, but when they land on Tom's body, there are seven lids.
  • When the tabby hugs Jerry, her nose is black instead of pink.