Grand Prixes and Circuits

  • The Cheese Cup
  1. Tom's Neighborhood (Race Through Tom and Jerry's zany Neighborhood)
  2. Flimsy Forest (Venture through the Nature's Racing Circuit)
  3. Gravity Garden (Make Your way through the Greenhouse with the floating Plantlife)
  4. Palmtree Paradise (Speed Your way inside the Sand, Surf, and Storms of the Beaches)
  • The Bone Cup
  1. Chase School (Race around the Chase School Campus, as the Students cheer for You)
  2. Hokey Finokee Swamp (Creep through the Swamplands of the Hokey Finokee Swamps, avoiding hazards)
  3. Circus Compound (Cause Calamity in the Circus Compound while smashing through Circus Animal Barriers and performing circus car tricks)
  4. Blue-Sand Beach (Make Your way through the Cerulean Colored Beachlands, while avoiding seashells and tourists.)
  • The Fish Cup
  1. Big City Highway
  2. Farm Country
  3. Tumbleweed Gulch
  4. Mt. Snowvalance
  • The Ball Cup
  1. Cindy-Lou's Neighborhood
  2. Neon Cityscape
  3. McWolfula's Castle
  4. Planet Irwin
  • The Kibble Cup
  1. Indy-Mouse Speedway
  2. Futureopolis
  3. Mall-in-One
  4. Planet Dogmania
  • The Dishbowl Cup
  1. Prehistory Road
  2. Catawumpus Trail
  3. Medieval Castle
  4. Planet Catmania
  • The Collar Cup
  1. Mumbo Jumbo Jungle
  2. DroopyLand
  3. Crooked Speedway
  4. Candy Circuit
  • The Special Cup
  1. Dinosaur Domain
  2. New Age Land
  3. McWolfenstein's Castle
  4. The Time Stream


These Items can be used on Yourself or Your racing adversaries.

  • Quick-Freeze Puddle: slips up any racer that touches it.
  • Exploding Bowling Ball: powerful version of shooting star but innaccurate.
  • Boost Battery: boosts Your racer's seppd for 3 seconds.
  • Spring Shoes: makes You jump one time.
  • Vanishing Cream: makes You invisible for 7 seconds.
  • Land Mine: any racer that touches said Mine will go up for 2 seconds.
  • Growth Formula: grows and slightly speeds up Your racer.
  • Shrink Substance: Shrinks and slows up Your racer.
  • Tear-Gas Grenade: mixes up the controls of any of Your opponents.
  • Firecracker: attacks the front racer and disables Him/Her for 3 seconds.
  • Magic Stopwatch: Stops the other racer(s) progress for 5 seconds.
  • Shooting Star: fire it at any one racer in front of You.
  • Hardhat: makes You immune to any damage for 10 seconds.
  • Pandora's Box: in can be good or bad, who knows?



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