Urfo is a Pup from Outer Space and is 1 1/2 times Jerry's Size. with powers of firing Lasers from His Tail, Teleportation, and Floating Other Objects.

Urfo stands for Unidentified Retriever From Outer-space.

Series History

in Season 1 of "Outer Space Rover", The First Time He goes to Earth is on a Walk with His Interstellar Owner, but gets left behind because the UFO cannot be seen by Police. but manages to get home back with His owner with Jerry's help. In "The Little Urfulls", He is in sorrow as He places His 6 Offsprings in the Care of Jerry Mouse, because His planet was to be doomed to an unknown fate. in the End, The Planet where Urfo came from, was now safe, and takes the pups home. In "Urfo Returns", Urfo attempts to Escape the Urfo Catcher (a Robot) and later on, Tom. at the End, it turns out that Urfo ran away from Home, and His Mother Demanded that His Son come home. marking the third and Final Appearance of Urfo.

In Season 2 of "The Little Thinker", Urfo is Different. he's white and has a colored striped shirt and can speak. he met Buzz to have an almost friendship to make pranks before the clutches of Big Thing surprises.


  • Outer Space Rover (First Appearance)
  • The Little Urfulls
  • Urfo Returns
  • The Little Thinker (First and only appearance with a speaking voice and when He become friends with Buzz)