Tom tries attempts to fly in the sky after seeing a TV program regarding a kitten raised by eagles flies with His arms flapping.


Inside Tom's house, He's watching a News Program, and He becomes awestruck after seeing a small Cat flying with the eagles. Outside the House, Tom pays Tyke to send Him to the sky via a giant firecracker. the plan works partially, but when Jerry lights the fuse, it goes up and explodes, as Jerry waves and Tom falling into a Pillow factory, and lands softly on a feather bin. and in Tom's thoughts, lots of beings with feathers can fly, so He attaches the feathers to His arms. at a cliff, Tom gets a running start on a cliff, but falls down as He starts to heat up from landing too fast and lands in a Pond, with the water evaporated, and the pond containing a submerged time capsule, a wooden log, and a skeletal saber-tooth tiger. inside a flying jet, Tom prepares to hang-glide at a wind farm. after jumping off, the wind farm windmills stopped, and no wind, means Tom fell down hard on the ground.

At a skate park, Tom is wearing skates and safety equipment, as He climbs up the mile-high ramp, called the Gravity Slide. Jerry who was already at the top, trips up Tom, and goes down the Slide with Tom in full pursuit. on the way down, Tom realizes too late that He's about to make His dismount on the Gravity Slide. Jerry stops at the end, but Tom is flying at a tremendous speed and altitude then crash lands on Cal, who was trying to sell cardboard cups, and robotic glasses. then a referee measure from the Slide to Where Tom landed, 1728 Feet, 7 inches. (breaking the record for a kitten's longest distance on the Gravity Slider.) Tom passes out a few seconds afterward. at a Birthday party, Tom in a balloon suit inflates His own suit with helium, which is zooming Him out of control in the city, and lands in front of Jerry. Tom goes after Him, Tyke witnesses Tom's attempt to fly and tells His father that Tom's trying to fly, which defies the Law of Gravity. making Spike react that Tom is doing a criminal act.

After capturing Jerry, Tom forces Him to use His Jet-propelled Bicycle to propel Tom into the sky while He's attached to a Kite via a rope. Spike tries to stop Jerry by placing a barricade in front of Him and forces Him to stop. but since Jerry used the nitro, before Spike told Him to stop, Jerry smashes against the barricade, as Spike is sent flying for a few seconds. as Tom is flying, Jerry finally stops at a streetlight. as Tom's rope is attached to the streetlight. Spike catches up, and tries to make a citizen's arrest against Tom for breaking the law of gravity and Jerry for helping Him. Tyke explains to His dad that breaking the Law of Gravity isn't illegal. so, as Spike leaves confused, Tom is still stuck on the streetlight, as Jerry watches.


Cal: See a Bag of Luggage coming at You? Cal don't care. See a box of Heavy stuff coming toward You? Cal don't Care. See a Descending Cat approaching? (Tom crash lands on Cal) Ow... T-That's when Cal Cares. (His head falls facefirst on the pavement.)

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