In the middle ages, Tom is told by a king to slay the fire-breathing Wild Mouse.


In medieval times, the king is bombarded with calls for help from his subjects who are being terrorized by Wild Mouse. The king calls his Machismo Knights in Shining Armor to fight Wild Mouse, but they all run away and leave Tom, the scullery cat to be chosen to deal with the mouse. Tom is sent forth on a talking horse to deal with Wild Mouse and told to never darken the King's castle again unless Tom has caught the mouse. Tom and his horse head to a burnt out, desolate land where they are greeted with warning signs. Tom calls Wild Mouse and the battle begins, but the fire breathing mouse proves too much of a challenge for the green knight. Tom attempts to joust the mouse, but Wild Mouse is too strong for Tom and his horse who get thrown across the ocean. Next the cat and horse charge again, but Wild Mouse fells a tree that causes the horse to quit and head back to the castle while Tom gets smashed. Tom's next tactic is ye old cannon, but that backfires. Next up is a cheese trap which finally captures the mouse and returns him to the King. Wild Mouse breaks out of the trap while Tom is being knighted and runs amok in the castle. Wild Mouse breaks through the castle walls and heads home, while the King sends Tom back out to go get him. The horse refuses to go after Wild Mouse again and hands Tom to the King and runs away.