White Tabby
Thinks of mice as plush toys
Vital statistics
Friends Tom (formerly), Hunky
Background info
Voiced by Teresa Ganzel
Inspiration Mewsette
First and only appearance Tom Thumped


The White Tabby was Tom's 4th and final potential girlfriend whose appearance was in Tom Thumped, and the only one who is quadrupedal, because she is less anthropomorphic than any other animal and regularly walks on all fours. She was based upon Toodles Galore from the Classic Tom and Jerry series. She'll also refuse kisses unless she receives a mouse. And like most of Tom's potential girlfriends, and Vavoom in the Droopy Cartoons, her voice is portrayed by Teresa Ganzel.


The Tabby has white fur all over her body, brushed-up whiskers, periwinkle eye shadows, long black eyelashes, light-green eyes, a clump of bangs, and a long thick and fluffy tail like most of Tom's potential girlfriends, and wears a pink collar with a red heart design on it. but unlike most of Tom's Potential girlfriends, She walks on fours like a real cat.