Wild Mouse goes on a rampage in Calaboose Cal's corrupt casino where no one actually wins, as He causes the games to pay out for the patrons.


At a city where casinos thrive, Wild Mouse is hiding among the gamblers in a casino called Cal's Spades and Clubs Casino to escape the police after breaking out of a police van. Inside a V.I.P. room of Cal's Casino, a few big tycoons and Cal converse when to upgrade the casinos in the city. outside Cal's Casino, Wild Mouse began to tire from giving the police the runaraound. Cal sees Him via a surveillance camera, and lets Him look inside said establishment, making Wild Mouse after hearing the bells and whistles of the slot machines. Wild Mouse couldn't stand the noise and destroys one, making the machine spit out $42,525. the Casinogoers grab as much money as possible and vacate the Casino. Cal goes to the surveillance camera room and sees what Wild Mouse Did. and He saw Wild Mouse chomping on a Slot Machine and spitting out Loose Change, , eating the Dealer's spare Decks and making holes in the roulette wheel. So, Cal comes to Wild Mouse's Location and tells Him to leave and return the change. Wild Mouse Growls at Cal menacingly to make Him back off and summons His special forces to arrest Him. but Wild Mouse being the menace He is, Jumps on the guards' heads and causing chaos along the way.

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