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Wild Mouse
The Mouse raised by Wolves

First Appearance

Wild Mouse (Episode)


Red Bandana

Portrayed by

Frank Welker



Eye Color

Olive Green with Red Irises (Version 1) Yellow with Black Irises (Version 2)

Wild Mouse had a Jerry Mouse-Like appearance, with Excess Fur over His Body, Green Eyes, brown color, and hair on His Tail Tip. He is also a Mouse Raised by Wolves. in Later appearances, He has Green Fur and loses His Jerry Mouse Look. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

Differences between the Two Wild Mouses

  1. The Jerry Version has Green Eyes, Dark-Brown Head Hair and Loincloth-Like Hair all over His Torso. and a Dark-Brown Tail Tip.
  2. The Second Version has Olive Green fur over His Body and Tail Tip, but His Hands, Muzzle, and Feet are White, with a small Pink Nose. and Yellow Eyes. His only apparel in Most of His Appearances is a Red bandanna around His Neck.

First Version Wild Mouse Appearances

  • Wild Mouse (Took Jerry's Place in this cartoon)
  • Catawumpus Cat (Replaced Jerry)
  • Stunt Cat (Took Jerry's Place in this Cartoon, but without His Green Eyes and this Version's Final Appearance)

Second Version Wild Mouse Appearances

Appearances outside Tom and Jerry Kids

His only Appearance outside Tom and Jerry Kids was in Droopy Master Detective's Episode, Primeval Prey. it is also the episode where We See His Mother who looks a lot like Him, which Disregards the fact that He is Supposedly raised by Wolves, and it was also the episode where He spoke a few words and found romance in the form of Misty Mouse.


Original Wild Mouse

Re-designed Wild Mouse