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Wild Mouse II
Season 3, Episode 12, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Stewart St. John


Sheriff Potgut hires the Gator Brothers to capture the Dreaded Wild Mouse who's been leeching the Sheriff of His Ragin' Cajun Mumbo Gumbo Stew. it drove Him wild. Literally!


in the Hokey-Finokey Swamp, Wild Mouse in a Swamp Mobile was driving around until He smelled a Delicious Food, the Ragin' Cajun Stew which He soon went after. In the Sheriff Station, the Sheriff Potgut about to eat the Stew realizes that if Wild Mouse takes a Whiff of the Stew, The Latter would come right He hid Himself and the Stew in a Shed. Wild Mouse, however, found Him, Attacked the Sheriff, and gulped down the Stew (and the Bowl) as He drove away in His Swamp Mobile. The Sheriff Fed up with Wild Mouse's Leeching of the Stew Calls for the Gator Brothers, Ding and Bat. (Looking like Pirates) as Wild Mouse roamed all over the Swamp, the Brothers Tail Wild Mouse's Swamp Mobile. but Wild Mouse Activated a Rocket making Him go faster. the Brothers attempt to get closer, as both Swamp Mobiles are off a Waterfall, but the Brothers' Swamp Mobile Falls.

As the Sheriff was about to enjoy the Stew back at the Sheriff Station, Wild Mouse entered the Station and absconded with the Stew. the Sheriff through a TV Screen told the Brothers that Wild Mouse was just here, and He told them that either Wild Mouse gets Captured, or He'll find someone else to do the Job. the Gator Brothers angered because They were called Gator-Brained Goons, grab the Sheriff by the Necktie through the Screen and? Shake Him Up. as the Chase went on again, the Brothers attempt to Ram Their Swamp Mobile against Wild Mouse's but the Latter uses a Buzzsaw splitting the Boat in Half. the Gator Brothers use Their Own Swamp Mobiles to cover more ground. the Sheriff in a Panic goes up a Tree to Hide His Stew from being eaten by Wild Mouse. at a Crossroad where the Sheriff was hiding, the Brothers' Swamp Mobiles crash into the Tree where the Sheriff was hiding, after Wild Mouse's went through a Gap. the Tree goes down, and Wild Mouse grabs the Stew from the Sheriff's Hand.

the Sheriff sets a Trap for Wild Mouse with the Stew as Bait. but sees that the Brothers were eating it because They didn't have Lunch. Wild Mouse manages to grab the Stew away and springs the Trap, Trapping the Gator Brothers and Potgut. as for Wild Mouse, He continues to scarf down the stew in the Sheriff's Station celebrating His Victory as the screen fades to black.


  • This Cartoon marks the first of second appearance of The Sheriff and the Gator Brothers.